How to Register for an Event at Airmeet as an Attendee & Speaker?

Steps to register for Attendees:- 

Step 1: Click on the event link sent by the host on your email and you will be directed to the event page. You can scroll down the event page for the event agenda which will inform you more about the event such as what the event is about, who the speakers are, event schedule, event host, and sponsors.

Note: If the guest access is allowed, the attendee will start from Step 2.


Step 2: Now click on "Enter Airmeet" to register for the event. You can register using your email or social media credentials.


Step 3: Now fill in your details in the attendee card and click continue to participate in the event if the event has started.


Step 4: If the event has not yet started, you will see the countdown for the same. You can add the event to your calendar by clicking on "Add to calendar".





Steps to register for the Speaker:- 

Step 1: A speaker link is a unique link which event organiser provides for a mapped speaker to join the event. Each speaker link is different and a speaker should not share his/her link with others
Step 2: If the event has started, then the speaker will get a special entry, click on "Continue" to enter the event.

Step 3. If the session hasn't started the speaker can go the session backstage or visit a different section of the event meanwhile, whereas as soon as the session starts the speaker gets pulled up automatically on stage along with other host and speakers.


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