What is the community? How to Create Community in Airmeet?

A community is a group of people who have a common interest and aim to share knowledge among themselves. In Airmeet, the community is “your account page” where you have all of your information such as profile details, team members, and event details.

To create a community on Airmeet follow these steps:


Step 1. Go to airmeet.com and click on Host a Free Event.

Step 2. Sign up/Log in with your credentials.

Step 3: Once signed in, it will ask you to create your community. Enter your community name and other details.
Note: Community name can not be changed once created.If in case you want to get your community name changed kindly contact our support at support@airmeet.com.

Step 4: And create your first event and set it up according to your requirements.

After creating the community you would land up on dashboard where you can set up your event.


Community Id

A community ID is a unique ID for a particular community used to identify the community in reference to enable certain features and account upgradations.

As soon as a community is been created, the community manager can find the community id in the community dashboard URL itself. This might be helpful for the support team to analysis or upgrade your account in future if required.



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