Steps to follow:

Step 1: Log in to your account and select the event for which you want to add a session

(>login>dashboard >Airmeets> choose the event (view details)).

Step 2: Choose Sessions from the left side of the page. Click on +Add Session to create a new session.

Step 3: Chose the type of session from 'Host on Airmeet' (Go live directly from another platform) or 'Use a streaming software' (Creates an RTMP input-based session).

Fill in the session details such as session name, session date, session time, session duration, host, co-hosts, session description, session speakers, and session tags. And lastly, click on the "Add Session" button.

Tags (Applicable in conference format) - Tags are a label attached to a session or booth for the purpose of identification or to filter out the topic of interest.


Video Guide


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