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Frequently asked questions regarding Appsumo deal -

1. How many free registrations are available?

  • For 1 code, 300 free registrations per month

  • For 2 codes, 500 free registrations per month

  • For 3 codes, 1000 free registrations per month


2. How are registrations counted if the same user is registered for 2 events and a multi-day event?

  • The same user registering once for a multi-day event would be counted once.

  • The same user registering twice, for 2 separate events, would be counted twice.

3. Can I have both a free plan and Appsumo deal activated in a single account?

  •    No, You cannot have an account with both "Free" & "Appsumo" privileges, but you're free to create 2 separate accounts for this.


4. Can I carry forward my free registration data to next month?

  •     No, the quota does not carry forward to next month.


5. What if I want more registration than my monthly quota?

  •     You can purchase at $1/registration if you wish to exceed your allocation of monthly quota.


6. How can I control the number of registrations that won’t exceed my monthly quota and I won’t be charged for them?

  • If you hit your account limit, you'll not be able to capture more registrations (WIP). You'll not be automatically billed for additional registrations unless you inform us to do the same or buy additional allocation in advance.


7. How does the 8% commission work in the case of ticketing?

  • This is for payments processed via Airmeet only. All tickets sold via Airmeet's payment gateway will incur an 8% Tax fee.
  • You can sell tickets outside Airmeet & host events on Airmeet. And if you are using any other services to take payments, then there will not be any transaction fee charge from Airmeet.
  • All tickets sold via Airmeet (whether within your plan allocation or not) will incur the 8% Tax fee.


8. What is the participant capacity for a particular event?

  • The practical limit of total concurrent participants at any single event on Airmeet is up to 100k.


9. Will my account gets deactivated if my total participants exceed 100k?

  • No, this is not a total account allocation i.e. your account will not be deactivated if you hit this number. You can have multiple events & they all have an individual capacity of 100k.


10. How many team members can I have in my account?

  • For 1 code, you can have 1 team member

  • For 2 codes, you can have 2 team member

  • For 3 codes, you can have 5 team member


11. I am not able to redeem my Appsumo codes as I have created a trial account before purchasing the deal. What should I do?

  • As per deal terms, you can't upgrade an existing account/community, you will have to create a new one. However, seeing that many of us wanted to create a trial account first & facing this issue, we want to help you with priority.
  • While we figure out a technical/automated solution, please reach out to us on email support with this info (email ID, Community name & Appsumo codes), so we can upgrade your account from the backend.

      If you're a Sumo-ling, we'll get your account activated no matter what.

12. I am not able to redeem my Appsumo codes and didn’t create any trial account. What should I do?

  • If you did not create an Airmeet account & still facing this issue - we're really sorry, we're fixing the bug and can still upgrade you manually through email support.

      If you're a Sumo-ling, we'll get your account activated no matter what.

13. How can I connect with the Airmeet support team?


14. Can we restrict no. of registrants/events?

15. Can I see the product roadmap for the coming months?


16. Can the attendee list /count be hidden?


17. When can sub-account functionality be available?

  • Right now, we don't have the functionality to stack multiple sub-accounts under one parent account. However, that's part of our roadmap and will be launched sometime next year.


18. Can a host change their community name?

Unfortunately, the community name cannot be changed as it's unique for each account.


19. On which platforms, I can live to stream my session?

Currently, we offer hosts to stream their sessions/events on YouTube, Facebook, and via Custom RTMP by placing the stream key. However, API integrations with other platforms are set to launch soon.

20How to redeem Appsumo codes?

1. Go to the redemption page
2. Use either 1 or 2 or 3 codes while creating the account.
3. Optionally add more codes (maximum 3) from within the Airmeet dashboard. 

21. How can I connect with the Airmeet support team?

You can reach out to us via email - at and via our 24/7 Support Lounge.

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