The social lounge is completely configurable. To increase or decrease the number of seats, add a name or add a brand logo on individual tables, please follow the following steps. You need to be the event host to configure the tables. 

Step 1: After creating the Airmeet, Preview the Airmeet or while in the event.

Step 2: Go to any table that you want to configure, you will see an edit icon in the top left on mouse-over. 

Step 3: An edit form, as shown below, will appear to change the name of the table, add a logo and change the seat on the table. Additionally, you can either fix the number of seats on the table or leave it in expansion mode, which means that number of seats will increase by one every time new participants join the table as long as maximum seats are not occupied. A maximum number of seats can be 8 and a minimum of 2.

Disclaimer: Logo in the following image is for demo purposes only. 

Step 4: Save the changes, your table would look something like this.

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