Table of Contents


1. Create Airmeet

2. Event Dashboard (Setup)

3. Preview Airmeet

4. Event Entry

5. Event Platform

           i. Social lounge

           ii. Backstage

           iii. Go Live

6. Live Stage Controls - Host

           i. Bottom Controls

           ii. RHS Controls

           iii. Top Controls

7. Event Level Controls

           i. Moderations

           ii. People

           iii. Message 

           iv. Alert

8. Support



1. Create Airmeet

  • Visit

  • Click on Get started for free.

  • Sign up with your email or social media handles or with SSO login.

  • Create your organization with Airmeet.

  • Create your first event in Airmeet.


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2. Event Dashboard (Setup)


Once the event is created, you can customize and set up your event using left panel navigations like event entry, speakers, sessions, videos, branding, integrations, etc.



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3. Preview Airmeet


To make your event more appealing, you may decorate your virtual tables and booths with different names and logos. Or even dedicate certain tables for certain people or groups.

Using the “Preview Airmeet” tab, you can customize your platform before your big day without starting your event.


Help Article: Setup your Airmeet in Preview Mode without starting the event.


4. Enter Event 


As a host/organizer, click on “Go to event” or copy the link and open it in the browser.


5. Event Platform


Once you have entered the event, you can do the following:


a. Social lounge: 

  • Networking with the attendees on the virtual tables.

  • Option to choose the relevant group for networking

  • Choose to use speed networking for random conversation with attendees.

  • If not yet done, the Host can still set up the social lounge tables with names, logos/images, and the number of seats on each table, along with enabling/disabling speed networking.


Help Articles: Setup & Manage Social Lounge


b. Backstage: 
Click on the "Go Backstage" tab to go backstage of the session to test the microphone and video settings or to have a private conversation with speakers & organizers before going live.


c. Go Live: 
Once ready, click on the "Start Session" tab to commence the session. It will give 10 seconds of timing before starting and pull all the attendees to the live session.




6. Host/Co-Host Controls On Live Stage: 


On the live stage, the host can do the following:


a. Bottom Controls: 
Turn on/off the video and audio, share screen and pdf, hide from the stage, react with emojis, switch bandwidth mode between HD or LD, change audio/video input settings, 


b. RHS Controls: 
Chat with the audience & moderate the same, view and answer questions, create & Publish polls, invite attendees to the stage manually or accept/reject raised hands, play pre-recorded videos, and find the attendees on the session.

Note: The RHS features such as chats, Q&As, polls, etc. is now available before the Event starts (Start Airmeet) will be available on preview mode for dry runs and rehearsals.


c. Top Controls: 
Pause the session by clicking on "Take a Break"  or end the session by clicking on "End Session.


Help Article: Stage Controls for the Host and Co-Host.


Note: The session recording cannot be turned on/off during the live session. It has to be done from backstage.


7. Event Level Controls

a. Moderation

i) Manage abuse by blocking users & removing their chats.

ii) Review actions taken like blocked attendees, removed chats, etc.


Note: If someone is blocked, he/she can only view the 30 sec delayed recorded session and will not be able to participate in other activities.


Help Article: How to manage abuse or nuisance during an Arimeet event?

b. People (Participant's list)   

i) View attendees' cards for all the participants present in the event.

ii) Option to direct message them by clicking on their attendee's card.

iii) View people in list view or grid view.


c. Event Chats and Message

Event Chats is a space where all the participants can converse with each other.

Direct and one on one conversation with attendees present in the event.

d. Alert 

Send announcements to people in the event to notify them about an action.

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If you need in-event support, you can contact our team at You also can click on the "?" button at the bottom right of your page and get chat support or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. You can also access the self-help articles.