The speakers in Airmeet get special and unique event links that are provided to them by the event organizers on email or other communication channels. Using this invitation links, the speakers can directly join the event without having to register.

Once the speakers get their invitation links, they can follow the below steps:

Step 1: A speaker link is a unique link that the event organizer provides for a mapped speaker to join the event on the mailbox or other communication channels. Each speaker link is different, and a speaker should not share their link with others.

Step 2: If the event has started, then the speaker will get a special entry. Click on "Continue" to enter the event.

Step 3: If the session hasn't started, the speaker can go to the session backstage or visit a different section of the event. 

But if the session has started, the speakers get pulled up automatically on the stage along with the host/co-hosts and speakers. 

Note: The speakers will be able to access the backstage of only those sessions where they are mapped. They can still view the live sessions where they are not mapped.

Step 4: Before the event starts, the speaker can check their mic and camera setting by clicking on the two-line "Settings" icon.

In case of a change in bandwidth, the speakers can switch the stream quality from HD to low definition(LD).

Speaker Chat: This is the private chat section for the session host and the session speakers to coordinate during the event.

In the Conference mode, the unmapped speakers have the liberty to join the event or hang out in the social lounge or explore the booth exhibitions (if any).

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