1. Overview

The Airmeet app gives you the ability to attend events and network with fellow participants on the go. Whether you’re at home or in a café, you can join from anywhere and attend sessions.

Attendees can experience the social lounge, join tables and have video conversations with anyone at the event.

2. Join Table

Step 1: Click on the event link or paste the link on the application and enter the event.

Step 2: Click on the 'Lounge' button placed at the bottom of the application.

Step 3: Find the table you want to join and click on the 'Join' button.

Step 4: You can now start interacting with other attendees virtually.

3. Table Controls

After joining the table, you have certain controls to manage the Audio-video and switch participants' layout options.

4. Leave Table

To leave a particular table, click on the "Leave" button on the top of the table.

5. Points to keep in mind

  • A particular table can hold up to 15 participants at a time.
  • This is an attendee app. Event hosts and organizers are requested to continue using the chrome browser on their laptop/desktop for an optimized experience.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.