1. Overview

We understand that you're wanting to create a simple event and customize it according to your event needs. It is condensed down to include some of the most important and most-used aspects of your event! 

This means that you will be able to build your event quickly and easily using the Events Dashboard. This article gives you a quick summary and breaks down each segment of the dashboard and the details that you would need to know to navigate through.

2. Create an Event

Step 1: Click on the "Create Event" button and select the "Conference" format.

Step 2: Enter the following event details:

a) Event Name: Enter an event name that would be showcased on the landing page.

b) Start & End date & time: Enter the event start & end date and time to be showcased on the landing page.

c) Event entry rule: Select the event entry rule you want your attendees to enter the event.

d) Event description: Write an overview of the event for your attendees to read. You can also add a different text background & font color along with hyperlinks & images.

e) Organization Name: Enter the organizer name to be shown on the landing page.

f) Organizer email: Enter the organizer's email address for attendees to reach out in case of any query.

3. Summary Tab

Once the event is created, the first tab you enter is the summary tab. You can add session speakers, sponsors, and booths directly from this tab as an event organizer.

Airmeet provides you with particular suggestions to set up for event registration, pre-event, and post-event.

3.1. View Landing Page

As an event organizer, you can preview the "Landing page" and check how it will look after entering all the details. 

3.2. Edit Event details

If you want to edit the essential event detail missed in the "2. Create an event" section, you can edit the same and update the desired information.

Kindly click on the "Edit" button on the left side, enter the details and click on Update.

4. Schedule Tab

The schedule tab includes all sections related to your session and the agenda planned for the event. You can add different sessions based on Activity and group them into tracks. It allows the organizer to Add speakers and map them to other sessions, upload pre-recorded videos and fetch session recording post-session is completed.

4.1. Add Session & tracks

As an event organizer, you can add different activity-based sessions to prepare your agenda accordingly. You can add the following types of activities :

a) Session

b) 1-1 Speed networking

c) Break

d) Fluid Space

e) Explore Booth

f) Group Meeting

g) Stream into Airmeet

After adding activities, you can group them as tracks that run like a playlist one after another session.

4.2. View & Add Speakers & Host

Add or view a mapped speaker to a particular session. You can also send the speaker invitation link and update speaker details.  

4.3. Upload Pre-recorded videos

Upload and run pre-recorded video during your live session on stage. To upload a pre-recorded video, click on the "Upload a video" button and select video from your computer. You can also choose a video from the community-level shared video library.

Pre-recorded video specifications

  • Format supported : .Mp4
  • File size: Upto 5 GB

4.4. View & download Session Recordings

Once the "Live session" or "Stream into Airmeet" based session is completed, you can find the session recording on this tab. You can download or copy the recording link and share it with other stakeholders.

5. Registration Tab

Manage and view the registration data and download the list of all participants. You can also change the event entry rules, customize the registration form and enable ticketing for your event.

5.1. View & download the Participants list

Manage and view the participant's list, download the participant's list from the "Download list" button and add attendees via CSV upload.

As an event organizer, you can also Copy and send a reminder email with speakers, exhibitors, and attendees' unique links.

5.2. Change Event entry rules

Choose who can enter the event and how attendees register for your event.

To change the event entry, click on the registration tab > click Edit > select any of the event entry rules.

5.3. Customize & Embed the Registration form

Whenever attendees join an event, they need to fill in the attendee form. As an event organizer, you can customize the registration form and embed the same on your micro-website.

To edit the registration form, click on the "Change" button and make changes according to your preferences.

To embed the form, click on the "Embed Form" button and customize it according to your requirement and copy the iframe code that can be embedded on your micro-site

5.3. Enable & Add Ticketing

Enable ticketing for your event and start creating up to 20 types of ticketing based on different prices and monetize your event.

To enable ticketing for your event, you need to connect with your Stripe account and post that, add tickets, and make them live. You would also be able to add Coupons for each ticket tier.

6. Branding Tab

Enhance your event experience by adding branding to the event. Airmeet provides various options to add branding at a different event section.

6.1. Add event branding

Upload your Event logo and Landing page (event page) banner, which will be showcased on your event's landing page.

6.2. Customize reception

Reception is the first-page attendees' view when they enter the event. As an event organizer, you can choose from two types of reception layouts and customize them according to your need.

a) Default Reception: This will highlight the banner image and upcoming sessions

b) Customize Reception: Create your own reception by adding a 3D effect background image, videos, and links.

6.3. Upload Stage Backdrop

Add a stage backdrop to enhance the live stage experience and showcase the sponsor's logos on the top.

To upload the stage backdrop, click on the Upload image and select the file from your computer.

Kindly follow Stage Backdrop Guidelines to create the stage backdrop.

6.4. Add event sponsors & select tiers

Add Sponsors to showcase on the event's landing page and provide a backlink for attendees to visit their website while viewing the event page. You can segregate the sponsors based on different tiers as well.

7. Promotion Tab

Promote your event via customizing email communications, send a request to Airmeet to display your event on our website, and disable the participants' social sharing option. 

7.1. Customize email communications

Configure & customize the emails sent to participants at different stages of the event. As an organizer, you can customize the default template, which includes the following section:

  • On Session Bookmark
  • On Invitation
  • Event Reminder Emails

You can also create a new email and send it to different stakeholders of the event (Speakers, Attendees, Exhibitors)

7.2. Promote your event on Airmeet

Feature your event on the Airmeet website for more reach by sending the request on this dashboard section.

a) Feature your event on search engines

Drive additional registrants for your event from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.
Kindly click on the "Send request" button, and your event will be showcased on different search engines. 

b) Feature your event on the Airmeet website

To help generate additional registrants, we can feature your event on the Airmeet webpage.

Enable or disable the social sharing option displayed on the Landing page.

8. Booths Tab

Add booths to showcase products and present an organization. Invite exhibitors to present their products and offerings to the attendees of the event.

8.1. Add Booth

To Add Booth click on the "Add Booth" and enter the desired details. You can also add up to 6 Exhibitors and configure the features according to your preferences.

You as an event organizer can set up the booth on a live event and select among upload different layout options.

9. Analytics Tab

Airmeet 360° Analytics comes equipped with multiple dashboards and a segment builder. The dashboards are built to provide granular insights, such as topics that piqued attendee interest, in addition to the specific mode(s) of engagement preferred by audiences, the ROI generated for sponsors, and more.


9.1. View Audience level data

The segment builder will allow organizers to build audiences based on various engagement parameters and later use them to run targeted marketing campaigns and send personalized post-event communications.

9.2. View Performance level data

Analytics of virtual events is important to understand the stance of your business and organization in the virtual world. The report can also be used for promoting your services & products and generating sales. Airmeet provides high-quality, detailed analytics of the events hosted on our platform. 

9.3. Send a detailed Analytics report

Send a detailed report on your email address and analyze the complete data. The event analytics report will be available in the dashboard for the organizer to view 10 minutes after the event starts.

Reports are available on the event dashboard for an overview insight and the detailed report can be sent to community team members from the dashboard.

Event Dashboard > Analytics Tab > click on "Send Full Report"

10. Settings Tab

10.1. Setup Event experience

Configure the live event experience by enabling the session recording and accessing them from the event's dashboard. As an event organizer, you can also enable the Leaderboard for attendee engagement and allocate points according to your preferences.

10.1.1 Manage Recordings

Session recordings are enabled by default. All recordings will be available a few hours after a session ends. You may switch off recordings for individual sessions before starting a session in the LIVE event.

10.1.1 Enable Leaderboard

Add gamification to increase attendee engagement. Enable the leaderboard by switching the toggle
towards the right, you can allocate points according to activities, and include prizes for top winners.

10.2. Enable Pre & Post event entry

Manage when your attendees can have an access to your event via providing early access or enabling the event replay after the event is marked ended.

a) Enable Pre-event entry

Allow people to enter the event before it starts so they can network, schedule meetings, and explore the platform.

To enable kindly click on the "Enable" button and choose what all features you want yure attendees to view on Pre-event access.

b) Enable Event replay

Allow your attendees to enter the event after it’s over to watch session recordings and visit booths. Interactive features like chat, polls, lounge and Q&A will be disabled.

To enable kindly click on the "Enable" button and choose who can enter the event to access the pre-event session recording.

10.3. Enable Live Streaming for session

Live stream your live session to Facebook & youtube along with third-party platforms via RTMP.

Add or select the account and map it to your live sessions. Click on "Add Stream destination" and either select from previously connected stream destination or add new by clicking on the "+Add new" button.

10.4. Enable Universal RTMP stream key

Stream sessions out using a third-party streaming software. Enable universal key to key single Stream Key for the non-parallel session and paste it on your third part broadcasting software.

10.5. Enable event-level Integrations

Enable event-level integration from the wide range of Native integrations. Once you connect the platform integration from the community dashboard you would be able to enable the integration at the event level and start exporting/important participant data.

10.6. Edit Attende profile interest

Configure and manage the profile interest tag that an attendee can choose while updating their profile on the live event.

Click on the "Edit" button and select or deselect a relatable tag or click on "+Add interest" and enter your own custom tag.

Note: Interset Tag cannot be configured once the event is marked open or Early access is being enabled at least once.

11. View & Open event controls

11.1. Enter & Preview the event

Click on the "Enter Event" and Preview the event and set up your lounge & booths according to your preferences. Perform dry runs with your speakers and set up Lounge & Booth according to your event theme.

11.2. Open event for Attendees

Open the event and let your attendees enter the event and let them start interacting among themselves.

Click on the "3 dots" and click on the "Open event".

11.3. Pause event

Pause your event temporarily and disable early access for your attendees. The pausing event will display "Paused" on the landing page and will restrict attendees to enter the event till the time you start the event.

Note: Attendees at the event will not be thrown out until they refresh the browser or exit the event.

11.4. Close event

Close the event to permanently restrict event entry access for attendees. Closing event will display "Ended" on the landing page and will restrict attendees to enter the event.

Note: Attendees at the event will not be thrown out until they refresh the browser or exit the event.

Also once the event is marked close same cannot be restarted again.

12. Support & Assistance

Have some queries? Contact us at or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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