Important Points

1. Backstage conversations are not recorded even if the recording option is enabled.

2. Session recording is created only after the session has ended
Make sure the session is marked ended and NOT paused to get the recordings.

1. Access your session recording

Step 1: Once your session or event has ended, go to the dashboard and choose the Airmeet event you want the recording.

Step 2: Click on Schedule tabon the left panel, select the Session Recordings tab. You will find all your recordings for the events here

Process : 

Event Dashboard > Schedule tab > Session Recordings tab > View & download the session recordings.

2. Session Recording controls

Preview the Recording(s): - You can preview the recordings of your sessions by clicking on a play button.

Download the Recording:- You can download a single recording or all of them simultaneously.

Other Actions:- You can copy and share the link of your recordings or delete them by clicking on the three-dot buttons.

3. Free plan recording: 

The free account recording will be available in the SD (Standard Definition @480p) containing the Airmeet watermark.

4. Recording Resolution  

  • Social Webinar, Conference & Appsumo plan users get session recording in HD+ resolution, i.e., 720p
  • Free users to get session recording in SD resolution, i.e., 480p

5. Live Stage Branding

Rich Recordings (With Stage-backdrop & labels) are available on the recording by default for all Social Webinar/Appsumo/Conference plans.

Whereas for the free plan, the recording would be provided without a stage backdrop & labels.

6. Recording Storage

The session recording is stored on the Airmeet database until the time the community is active irrespective of being downgraded.

For example, if your community plan got downgraded on 1st Jan., the event organizer would still be able to fetch the HD recording for the previously hosted events.

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