Use Airmeet’s inclusive backstage area to interact with your speakers and gear them up to have a fantastic session. 

Backstage View

Click the Go Backstage button to meet and greet speakers. You can interact with speakers privately as backstage conversations are neither recorded nor broadcasted. 


NOTE: If your speakers can’t see - Go Backstage option, it means that the host hasn’t mapped them to their respective session. You can do so from the Airmeet dashboard. 

Let’s have a walkthrough of the Backstage controls. 

Backstage Controls (Top)

  • Start Session - Click on the green "Start Session" on the top right of the stage to go live.

  • Take a Break - After the session went live and the host and the speaker feels to take a break in between, the session host can click on take a break, and the host along with all speakers present on stage will return backstage.

  • End Session - After the session is completed, the host/co-host of the session can click on the end session button. Note - If the session is ended by the host it can't be restarted again.

  • Resume Session - The host can resume the session after taking a break to continue with the session. 


Backstage Controls (Bottom)

  • Camera- Host & speaker(s) to turn on/off their video.

  • Mic - Host & speaker(s) to turn on/off their audio. 

  • Share Screen - Host & speaker(s) to present their screen. 

  • Hide - The host can hide from the stage by clicking the hide button at the bottom(The host will be invisible but still have complete control).

  • Settings -
    - Audio & Video settings to test camera and mic input.
    - Update Stage backdrop.
    - Manage Co-Host.

  • REC - The host can disable the recording by turning off the rec button at the bottom right corner. (Rec is ON by default)

    Note: Backstage conversation is not recorded even if the recording option is enabled.


1. Where do I access my event recording?

To access the event recording, go to the dashboard and find the recording option, where all the session recordings are available. Make sure the session is completed to generate the recording.

Click here to know How do I get my event recordings?

2. How many different screens can I share during a session?  

Just one screen can be shared at a time and by one user.


3. How do I set up a different mic or video input device during an Airmeet?

To set up a different camera or mic device, Go to the Audio & Video settings and select the external device that they wish to use.