How to set up "Tracks" for your event & map sessions to a track?

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1. Overview

2. How do tracks work?

3. How to set up tracks for your event?

4. Mapping activities (sessions) to a track

5. Things to keep in mind

1. Overview

The tracks feature offers event organizers an easy and effective way to group sessions in the same category or target the same set of audiences under tracks. Tracks are also helpful when events have parallel tracks happening for different groups of audience segments.

2. How do tracks work?

Each track will have multiple sessions within them. The audience can stay on the same track without navigating from session to session to attend different sessions. Similar to other sessions happening in the same conference room during a physical event.

Attendees can choose the experience or track they want to attend. removes the friction and makes it easier for them to pick and navigate sessions.

Note: The session Host/Co-host remains on the backstage of the session when the session is marketed as completed, and the Host/Co-host needs to manually move to another session by clicking on the  Schedule" button.

3. How to set up tracks for your event?

Tracks allow you to group all relevant sessions for a particular audience segment under one track, acting as a single virtual stage. Attendees can drop in any time they want into the same live stage or stay on the same track to catch multiple sessions without navigating around.

Let's see how to set up tracks for your event.

Walkthrough Video guide

Here, are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the events dashboard, click on the "Sessions tab," then go to "Sessions List" on the LHS panel.

Step 2: Click on the "Add Tracks" button. 

Step 3: Click on "+ Add New Track" Enter the track name & describe a particular track.

Step 4: Once you have created tracks according to your agenda, you can create different activities (sessions) and map them to a particular track.

4. Mapping sessions to a track

Once tracks are created, you need to create a session for your event, and while creating an session, you can map that session to a particular track.

Step 1: Click on the "+Add schedule item" and select the type of session according to your agenda.

Step 2: Select a track for the session. You can map a session to multiple tracks or click on "Select all tracks" to make the session a part of all tracks.

Step 3: Enter the remaining details for the sessions and click on the "SAVE" button.

5. Things to keep in mind

  • The session host & speaker can join their particular session from backstage, and there won't be a significant change from them.
  • Parallel sessions cannot be a part of a track.
  • You can add a session to any track while the event or session is live.


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