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1. General FAQs

2. Reception FAQs

3. Session FAQs

4. Lounge FAQs

5. Booths FAQs

1. General FAQs

1. Do we need software to host or attend an Airmeet event?
No, Airmeet works perfectly fine on modern web browsers.

2. Who will speakers be able to contact if they have problems logging in?
Speakers can contact the event organizers or visit our 24*7Support Lounge and join the "How may I help you?" Virtual tables by clicking on the "Join" button for quick support.

3. Which browsers does Airmeet support?
Best compatibility with the latest Chrome (>version 79) (Mandatory for speaker)

Other supported browsers
: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave browser, and Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issue).
Not supported Browsers: Older versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE, and Opera.

4. What technical instructions are to keep in mind while entering an Airmeet event?

  1. Use your unique PRIVATE Link to join the event on the Chrome Browser provided by the event organizer.

  2. Disable VPN/ Firewall settings (In case of official laptops) 

  3. Use a headset for better sound quality and avoid any background noise. 

  4. Please have a stable and good internet connection. If possible, sit nearby to a wifi router to avoid hindrance in between your network.

  5. Grant mic and camera permissions. Ref: How do I grant camera and mic permission?

5. Can speakers deliver their sessions using their mobile phones?
Yes, The speaker can join via Airmeet mobile application as well.

Speaker Guide to Airmeet - iOS & Android Application

Also, the speaker can use the iPad application or join using a Desktop/Laptop.
Download iPad Application 

6. Where do I get my speaker link for the event?
The event organizers will send the speaker's event invitation link through email or other communication channels.

7. I am a speaker. Do I have to register for the event?
The speakers will not be required to register if they use the speaker link shared by the event organizers in the mail or other communication channels.

8. Can speakers answer the questions raised by the attendee?
The host can pair the speaker with the questions, the speakers can then answer the question on the stage.

9. What controls does the speaker have on the stage?
The speaker will have the following controls on the stage:
1. Video and Audio controls and their settings
2. Can share screen and Pdf
3. Can create Session-level polls
4. Emojis
5. Closed Caption (If enabled)
6. Video Resolution control (HD, LD)

7. Chats and Q&As
8. Upvote Questions asked
9. Send Direct Message
10. Reply to messages
11. Report abuses

10. Can the speaker hide on the live stage?
Yes, the host can hide the speakers on the live stage.

11. Do the speakers have the option of creating or editing their own bio/profile? 

Yes, the speakers can edit their profile information inside the event. 

12. When I click on my Speaker link, it shows join as a Speaker, however, with a different speaker card profile. Why?
The event organizer might have mistakenly shared a different speaker's invitation link with you. Please connect with the event organizer to get your own invitation link. 

If you need more assistance, visit our 24*7Support Lounge  and join the "How may I help you?" Virtual tables by clicking on the "Join" button for quick support.

2. Reception FAQs

1. What is the Reception Page?
The reception page is the first page that you will land on after you have registered for the event. It contains the event information in a summarized format.
The Reception page is available only in the Virtual Event format.

2. How to configure the Schedule, Lounge, and Booths?
When on the reception page, find "Schedule" tab (top right-side), Lounge, and Booths on the top of your page. And if you are already participating in one of those areas (Schedule, Lounge, and Booth), click on any of those labels to change the area you want to be in.

3. Where can I view the sponsors/event partners?
Sponsors/Event partners can be seen on the reception page. 

3. Session FAQs

1. What is backstage?
The backstage is the private space where speakers and hosts interact with each other before going live.
It gives a wonderful opportunity for hosts to test audio, and video, network with co-hosts and speakers, and test presentations before going live.

2. What is “Raise Hand”?
Attendees can use the “Raise Hand” feature to come to the stage. The host will have to give permission on who can or cannot join the stage.

Reference: “Raise Hand” in detail.

3. How do the speakers share slides on the day of the event, and who is best to share them?
Find the share-screen button on your screen and click on it. Share your slides normally or as PDFs.

4. Can a speaker play pre-recorded videos?
No, only the session host and co-host can play pre-recorded videos both backstage and on the live stage.

5. Can two speakers present/share their screens simultaneously?
No. Only one speaker can share his/her screen at a time.

6. Are the sessions recorded? Where can I access them?
All the Airmeet sessions are recorded by default. These recordings can be downloaded from the dashboard itself by the community manager or event manager after ending the session.

The speakers can connect with the event managers for the same.

Note: Backstage conversations are not recorded even if the recording shows on.

7. Can speakers hide other speakers during a session?
No, the speakers cannot hide other speakers on a live session.

8. Can the speaker watch the Session Replay?

  • Yes, a speaker can watch the session replay after the session has been completed. 

  • I am trying to watch Session-Replay but I am unable to find it. Help?
    The Session-Replay will be available only if the event organizer has enabled it for the session. It also doesn't show if the main event (not session) has ended.

4. Lounge FAQs

1. What is a social lounge?
The social Lounge is where the virtual tables are. Participants can click on "Join" and join the table to interact with other participants. They also can move between tables, use text chat, and share screen.

2. Can speakers join lounge conversations?
Yes, speakers can join virtual tables at the social Lounge and indulge in conversations.

3. I am in a lounge, and I cannot see my camera and mic option. What should I do?
Please check the mic and camera settings and select the required option.

If you still face a problem, please do one of the following:

1. Please make sure that you are using the supported browsers.

2. Please check your camera and mic permissions and give the same to Airmeet.
3. Join our 24/7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

4. Can an attendee or speaker edit the virtual tables?
No, only the event organizer can edit the virtual tables.

5. Can a speaker share screen on the virtual tables?
Yes, all the table participants can share their screens one at a time by clicking on the "share screen" button. Click the same button to stop sharing your screen.

5. Booths FAQs

1. What are Booths?
The Booths are virtual spaces where the exhibitors can showcase/exhibit their products or service. Multiple Booths can be added that helps to generate leads. Offers can be provided as well. 

2. How to go to the Booths?
Once registered for the event, click on “Booths” on the top of the Reception page, and you will be able to see all the booths exhibited there.

3. How to join a booth?
Go to Booths > Choose the booth you want to participate > Click on it.

4. How to interact with exhibitors?

  • By using the booth social lounge tables
  • Using Chats and Direct Messages
  • Booth Live Broadcasting

5. What does “I'm Interested” mean?
If somebody is interested in the product/services exhibited, they can click on the “I'm Interested” button and enter the email address. If offers are added, the attendees can use the same as well.
The exhibitor will use the leads and get back to the interested client using the same email addresses that were put up there.

Need more help? Contact support@airmeet.com or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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