The raise hand feature is accessible to all attendees of the session, where they can join the speakers on stage and interact with them.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Click on the hand icon at the bottom of the session screen.


Step 2: The host will get a notification to accept your hand-raise request.

Step 3: Once the host accepts your request, you will be pulled onto the stage.

Step 4: The attendee can leave the stage by pressing the leave stage option by clicking the same hand button.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Please ensure that your camera and mic permission is granted. 
    Reference: How to grant your camera & mic permission?

  • Multiple attendees can raise hands and can be accepted by the host.
    Note: Attendees can join depending upon the stage speaker limit.  

  • The host & co-host control this interaction.

  • The host receives attendees’ requests and hands the mic to the attendees to join the speaker on the stage. Other attendees get to see the video of the participant on stage with the speaker.

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