Live Session Moderation FAQs

Modified on Fri, 06 Oct 2023 at 02:23 PM

  1. How can I manage abuses or nuisance during the event?
    The attendees can report the abuses or nuisances, and the session host/co-host can remove the abusive chats and questions by selecting them and clicking on the 3-dots. The host can also block the participant.

  2. How can I block someone?
    People in Session/Attendee Section: Select the attendee you want to block. Hover your cursor over that attendee’s profile, click on the three-dot icon, and block the user.

To unblock the user, go to the Dashboard > People tab > Attendee section > Hover over on the blocked user and click on 'Unblocked participant'.

  1. How to moderate the reported chats during the live session?
    Click on the “Moderation” icon. From there, you can remove the post or block the user. If the chat or question is reported by mistake, you can click on the “3-dot” icon and Ignore the same.

  2. How to unblock someone who is blocked from the Moderation tab?
    Go to the Moderation tab > Actions taken > Unblock the person.

  3. Where can I see my moderated actions?

Go to the Moderation Tab > Actions Taken.

  1. What happens if someone is blocked. Will they be banned from the event?
    Attendees in the live event who get blocked will be removed from the event immediately. Blocked attendees cannot enter the event using their unique access links or login until they are unblocked.

  2. Who has the control to manage the abuses?
    Session Host/Co-host, and Event managers (team members).

  3. If someone has reported someone, how can I ignore it?
    Moderation Tab > Select the Message, > Click on the 3 dot icon > Ignore.

  4. Can the removed message be brought back again?
    Yes. Moderation Tab > Actions taken > Undo Ignore.

  5. Can I report the chats on the virtual tables?
    No. Currently, this is not possible.

  6. Can I report the chats on the booth's live broadcasting?
    No. Currently, this is not possible.

  7. Can I block a direct message from another event participant?

No. Currently, this is not possible.

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