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1. I would like the speaker to be on focus (larger viewpoint) and not show me at all. Is this possible? Will this happen automatically, or is there something that I have to do to only show him?
The session hosts or co-hosts can hide themselves by clicking on the hide button to show the speakers in the spotlight. In the case of many speakers, they can also pin the active speaker on the stage.

Hide Option 1

Hide Option 2

2. Is it possible to delete an Announcement at the event?
Yes, it is possible to delete a sent announcement at the event.

3. Is it possible to add more characters to session or event polls?
No, it is not possible to add more than the given characters, i.e.100 characters.

4. Is there a way for the Q&A only to appear to the speakers and host, so delegates can still send questions, but they are not public?
No, this feature is not available. But the direct chats can be helpful here. 

Alternatively, the host/co-hosts can moderate the questions, which they can approve or reject them.

Read about: How to "moderate questions" for a session?

5. When recording a session, will the custom background show up in the recording?
Yes, the stage backdrops will be shown on the session recording.

6. How do I turn off the "Raise hand" function for attendees?
The organizer can hide the Raise hand option. Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings tab placed towards the right-side top corner.

Step 2: Click on the “Customize event” button.

Step 3: Scroll down to the session experience section and click on the "Hide" icon beside the 'Raise Hand' option.

7. How can I pull an attendee on stage?
The attendee can be pulled to the stage only with the “Invite to stage,” or he/she can choose the “Raise Hand” option.


8. If I use Interprefy for live translation. Which language would be available?
Only the Interprefy team can confirm the available languages.

Please fill out the form given below to connect with the Interprefy team: 

9. What happens if a Host drops off the session?
It will show the “Host has left the event” message. If co-hosts are available, then they can coordinate the event with the control that the host has.

10. How can a session host/co-hosts exit the session during emergencies? And join back again?
To exit the session, the host can do the following:
1. Close the event tab
2. Click on the setting icon at the top-right and then click on “Log out”.To re-enter the event, do the following:

Sign in > Go to your session > Be a host.

11. Can the host mute/unmute the speakers on stage?
The host/co-hosts can only mute the speakers on stage and cannot unmute them.

12. Can the host go backstage while the live session is going on?
Yes, this is possible during the live session. However, it is recommended to have a co-host who can moderate the live session.

13. How to add/change Co-host?
On Dashboard: On the “Sessions” tab > Session List section, select the session and click on it to edit it. On the “Add Co-hosts” section, select the preferred co-host. Here, only the team members can be made co-hosts.

On Live Session: Click on the “3 dots” icon and select “Manage Co-hosts”. Select the team member or the speakers available on the stage and add them as a co-host.”

14. Once the session starts, everyone, including the co-host, will be pulled at the stage, correct?
Webinar Format: Yes.
Virtual Event Format: The co-host will be pulled to the session. Other participants will get a prompt that an event is live, but they can choose to join the live session or other parts of the event such as Booths, Reception, etc.

15. Can you invite the attendees to the backstage/live stage and tag them as co-hosts?
Yes, this is possible.

Note: Those attendees who entered as guest without registration (Anyone can enter without sign in event entry type) cannot be made co-hosts from the stage.

16. How many Co-hosts can be added to a session?
1 Host and 2 co-hosts. The co-host will be shown on the "host" tag.

17. Can you make a co-host, a host for the whole event, and not a session?

Yes, this is possible if the events are sequential and not parallel.

Webinar Format: The co-host control delegation is a must.

Virtual Event Format: The host can be changed from the dashboard. And this host has to be the event manager/community team member.

18. Can the host leave the stage having a co-host to present on stage?
Yes. It is rather recommended for the host to hide instead.

19. Can the speaker be made Co-host?
Yes, the speaker can be made co-host from the stage.

20. Can the co-host/host exit the live stage?

The host and co-host for a session can't leave the stage once the session is live in - Webinar Format

The host and co-host for a session can leave the stage once the session is live in - Virtual Event Format

21. Can co-hosts have multiple parallel meetings running while the main host stays in one meeting at a time?
No, the same person cannot be the host/co-host for the parallel sessions. You have to assign different people as the host/co-hosts of the different parallel sessions.

22. If the co-host is already mapped for the session, and if the other session is running simultaneously, will the co-host be able to join another session?
The co-host can only be able to join the session they are assigned to.

23. Can the co-host start and end a live session?
Yes, the co-host has the same stage controls that the session host has.

24. Is co-host information visible on the event landing page?
No, the co-host information is not shown on the event landing page.

25. Can the co-host hide the speaker on stage?
Yes, the host/co-host can hide the speaker on stage.

26. Can the co-host invite an attendee on stage? Or can accept the attendee's raise a hand request?
Yes, the co-host has the same control as the host.

27. Features available for co-hosting on the Live stage?

A co-host can do the following:
1. Start/Pause/End Session
2. Share screen and pdf
3. Hide themselves

4. Moderate the abuses
5. Moderate Questions

6. Create Alerts/announcements (only for the event manager added as co-host)
7. Customize Event

28. Can we use Interprefy for pre-recorded videos?
No, it is available only for the live event.

29. How do we add a button in the event description that would link to Eventbrite?
One can add text and attach a hyperlink to it.

30. How many options can a poll have? Can we increase them?
6 answers can be added as of now.

31. Can a host add session polls in the draft in the preview Airmeet?

Yes, it is possible to draft session polls in the "Preview" mode.

32. Do all event managers have access to all backstage? Then what happens when the session goes live?
Yes, all event managers can access backstage for any session. But, as soon as the session's host starts it, only the session-mapped Host/Co-host/Speakers go live on stage, and other event managers watch it as attendees (not seen on stage).

33. Can the host/co-host being in hidden mode, control the platform?
Yes, their powers remain the same, even if they are hidden. 

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