• Overview
  • How does Q&A Moderation work?
  • Points to Remember


The Event organizers & host/co-hosts of the live sessions can now moderate the questions asked during the interactive panel discussions. They can approve or reject them at their own discretion.

How does Q&A moderation work?

Click on the Q&A icon from the stage/backstage and toggle on the “Moderate Questions” button.

  • The questions asked by the attendees during the live session will pop up for the session/co-hosts on the Q&A bar for its moderation.
  • The  Event organizers or host/co-hosts of the session can either “Approve” or “Reject” the question asked based on their discretion.

  • The “Approved” questions will be available for all the event participants to see and for the host and speakers to answer.

  • The “Rejected” questions will only be shown to the host/co-host and the person who sent it as “Not Approved.”

Disclaimer: If the question is “Rejected” by mistake, the participants who sent it have to send it again as there is no “undo” capability option.

Points to Remember

  • Q&A Moderation can be done by the Event organizers or session host/co-hosts.

  • If the moderation toggle is turned off, all the pending questions in the queue will show up on the Q&A tab.

  • If the question is rejected, there is no way that question can be restored and approved later; participants have to re-enter the question again.

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