Here’s how you can start creating your event at Airmeet and edit it any time before hosting it:

Step 1: Go to the dashboard. ( >sign in> Dashboard)

Step 2: Click the "Create Event" button and select the "Webinar" format.

Step 3: Enter the following event details:

a) Event Name: Enter an event name that would be showcased on the landing page.

b) Start & End date & time: Enter the event start & end date and time to be showcased on the landing page.

c) Event entry rule: Select the event entry rule you want your attendees to enter the event.

d) Event Description: Write an overview of the event for your attendees to read. You can also add a different text background & font color along with hyperlinks & images.

e) Organization Name: Enter the organizer name to be shown on the landing page.

f) Organizer email: Enter the organizer's email address for attendees to reach out in case of any query.

Step 4:  Click on "Create Event." Now, your Airmeet is created successfully.

To change any of these details later, Go to "Event details" on the right-hand side of your event dashboard and click on the "Edit" button.

Step 5:  You will now enter the "Event Dashboard," where you can set up your whole event.

To know about how to set up your event from the dashboard, kindly refer to the article below:
How to set up your event using Airmeet New Event's Dashboard? | Webinar Format

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