Airmeet can be accessed on a mobile browser in the non-interactive mode where few Airmeet features cannot be accessed. Attendees and speakers can also join a session through our Application as well to experience the event.

Download link -

Airmeet iOS Application

Airmeet Android Application


Points to keep in mind

Participants & speaker would be able to experience a few features & product functions :

  • Hand raise & invite to stage features doesn't work when joined from mobile browsers.
  • Booths can be viewed through mobile browsers (in non-interactive mode) limited to media content, networking is currently not possible.
  • The Social lounge is now available on the mobile web.
  • Reception (conference format) is currently non-accessible.
  •  Event organizers won't be able to access through mobile devices.

With the above limitations said, our team is working to make these features & functions available soon. 

For the best experience, kindly join through Laptop/Desktop.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. 

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