Restrict session-based entry on basis of different ticket tiers

Tired of people spamming or complaining about your session? With Airmeet’s new “Session-based Access” feature, the organizers/host can control who can enter certain sessions in Airmeet events.

Controlling access can be done on basis of either Ticketing tiers or from the list of registrants/ list of attendees uploaded by the organiser using CSV file upload or can avail both the options.

Let’s see how it works :

Step 1: Go to the event dashboard and click on “session tab” and create a session or select the session you want to edit.
Step 2: Scroll down to the particular session select “Control who can join”. 

Step 3: A separate page opens up inside the session tab where you can select the access on basis of Ticketing tiers.

Step 4: Select the relevant ticket tier to provide access to ticket holders for a particular session.

Note : Booth Exhibitor needs to be explicitly added for the session as they won’t be having access to the session if not granted them the permission.

Step 5: Once the selected the ticket tier for a particular session, click on the "Done" button.
Now only whose ticket holder can access the session for which the organizer has given permission.

Points to Remember:

  1. This feature is available only in Conference Format.
  2. All speakers and event organisers (event managers) in the event will have access to all sessions in the event (regardless of whether access is restricted or not). 
  3. If an event organizer grant session access to a particular ticket type, then whichever attendee purchases that ticket type will be granted access to that session.
  4. If permision rules are changed during the event is live, the attendee will have to refresh the browser tab for changes to take effect.