Steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the event dashboard and scroll down to the "tickets" tab.

Step 2: Click the 'Tickets' section to open the tab.

Step 3: Next, you need a Stripe account. Click 'Connect a Stripe account'. This will take you to the Stripe account setup page.

Disclaimer: Currently, Airmeet does not support connecting a Stripe account with Indian, Malaysian & UAE bank accounts.

Step 4: Enter the business email id that you want to use with Stripe on the portal. You can connect with your existing Stripe account or create a new Stripe account with Airmeet Inc.

Note:Airmeet does not support connecting a Stripe account with Indian, Malaysian & UAE bank accounts.

Kindly follow the steps to create a new Stripe account with Airmeet Inc. 

Step 5: Enter your business information and submit your bank details. Finish the KYC (Know Your Customer) due diligence process as per your country of business. This enables us to manage transactions while staying compliant with international business rules. 

Step 6: Once you have completed the Stripe KYC details, you will be redirected to the Airmeet organizer dashboard. At this point, you will be able to see that your Stripe account is pending approval. Stripe usually takes 2 to 5 minutes to verify the KYC details.

Step 7: After you have successfully completed the Stripe registration and verification process, the 'Tickets' tab would reflect the latest status of your Stripe account. If it shows 'Stripe account connected, you are ready to add your first ticket. If it shows 'Registration incomplete' or 'Verification pending', please check your Stripe account dashboard and come back after the registration and verification are completed.

Note: The stripe account can only be reset or disconnected by sending a request to our support team. After resetting the stripe account, if the organizer wishes to connect his stripe account (in case the ticket sale is live), he needs to pause the sale by editing the sale end date and time and mark it as sold out from the dashboard.

Step 8. Click on 'Add your first ticket' and read about How to add a ticket?

As an event organizer, you can also add a few participants to your invite list without them purchasing the ticket.

Read more about adding participants to your guest list here: How do I add participants to access my event without purchasing a ticket?

Disclaimer: Airmeet uses Stripe as its payment gateway. Stripe deducts a fee from the payout to the event organizer. Click here for more details on your Stripe fees. 

Airmeet Charges for Free Plan & Appsumo Subscription - 8% per ticket
Airmeet Charges for Business & Enterprise Plan Subscription  - 4% per ticket

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.