How to add ticket for Airmeet events?

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Once the Stripe account is connected with your account, you can go forward and start by adding different types of ticketing.

Note: You don't need to connect to Stripe if your ticket value is 0.

Walkthrough Video

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the event dashboard > Registrations Tab > Ticketing tab.

Step 2: Click the 'Add ticket' button or the 'Add your first ticket' button.

Note:While adding a new ticket, we would recommend you to select the currency which is supported by your Stripe account. If you are using any other foreign currency which is not your default as per your Stripe account settings, please verify payment by creating and purchasing a dummy ticket.

Step 3: Enter the following details:

a) Ticket Name - Choose a name for this ticket tier. This ticket name will be shown on the event's ticket selection page, purchase email, and order invoice.

You can add up to 20 ticket tiers for an event.

b) Quantity - Enter a non-zero number of tickets you wish to sell in this ticket tier. You can increase or reduce the quantity available for sale at any time. Max quantity allowed is 99,999.

c) Currency - Choose the currency for the ticket price. You can choose any currency supported by Stripe here. We recommend choosing the same currency you wish to receive your payout on Stripe. Click here for more details on your Stripe fees.

d) Price - Enter '0' for a FREE ticket. The minimum price can be set as Stripe's minimum transaction amount for the selected currency. Click on 'View price breakdown' to check the amount attendee pays, the Airmeet charges, and the payout. 

Stripe deducts a fee from the payout. Click here for more details on your Stripe fees. The Max ticket price currently supported is 10,000 EUR, the equivalent amount in other currencies per current exchange rates.

Adding Value-Added Taxes (VAT) is currently not supported on Airmeet.

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e) Sale start date and time - Choose when you want this ticket sale to go live. Attendees can view this ticket's details in advance from the Event Page. Once the ticket sale starts, attendees can start to purchase these tickets.

f) Sale end date and time - Choose when you want this ticket sale to end. Attendees would not be able to purchase this ticket after the sale has ended. You can extend the sale date at any time.

g) Ticket description - Use the ticket description to promote the ticket inclusions. This information is displayed on the event's ticket selection page and in the ticket purchase confirmation email.

h) Message for attendees - Optionally, you can share a message with the attendees who purchase this ticket. The message will be delivered in the ticket purchase confirmation email.

Step 4 Click the 'Save' button to save and add this ticket to your ticket. Once you add a ticket for the event, only the attendees who purchase this ticket will attend the event.

Important Note:

You cannot delete a ticket tier if at least 1 ticket is been sold. To stop the sale of a particular tier, you can change the quantity to the number of tickets already sold or change the date & time of ticket sale.

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