Airmeet is an online venue for your events, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions.

Airmeet allows participants to interact on virtual tables through videos, table chats, and speakers to broadcast live sessions. 

Airmeet is designed keeping in mind the need of coordinating a large event online with thousands of attendee. It enables Q&A with speakers and networking with other participants using direct chat or event chat.

Airmeet currently supports three kinds of formats to host your event.

Webinar Format

Host live or on-demand webinars with a strong engagement focus 

  • Host a single-track event to stream live sessions.
  • Dedicated Networking Lounge
  • Raise hand and invite to the stage
  • Ideal for webinars, workshops, and free-flowing networking events.
  • The audience cannot skip live sessions.

Virtual Conference Format

Create virtual and hybrid event experiences that everyone loves to attend. 

  • Host a multi-track event with parallel live-streaming sessions.
  • Exhibitor booths, always-on networking lounge & more.
  • Schedule meetings
  • Put a spotlight on your sponsors
  • The audience can skip live sessions and define their own experience.
  • Stream your physical events to the virtual audience via Airmeet and on your favorite social platforms. 

Hybrid Conference Format

  • Engage both In-person and Online attendees
  • Manage event entry in the physical event using the Airmeet app to check in attendees by scanning their QR codes
  • Personalize the agenda based on attendance type: Hybrid or Online only
  • Networking across different attendance types using Social lounge, Speed Networking, Scheduled Meetings, and Direct Messages
  • In-person attendees can use the Airmeet app to participate in Q&A, polls, surveys, and so on
  • Sessions have the venue field to help In-person attendees find the session venue easily
  • Set up tickets based on attendance type & Ticketing can be set up at the value "0" without connecting with a Stripe account. 
  • Provide a seamless event experience for both your online and in-person attendees
    Similar to Conference Format with additional onsite compatibility features

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