Airmeet is an online venue for your events, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions.

Airmeet allows participants to interact on virtual tables through videos, table chats, and speakers to broadcast live sessions. 

Airmeet is designed keeping in mind the need of coordinating a large event online with thousands of attendee. It enables Q&A with speakers and networking with other participants using direct chat or event chat.

Airmeet currently supports two kinds of formats to host your event.

Social Webinar Format

Host live or on-demand webinars with a strong engagement focus 

  • Host a single-track event to stream live sessions.
  • Dedicated Networking Lounge
  • Raise hand and invite to the stage
  • Ideal for webinars, workshops, and free-flowing networking events.
  • The audience cannot skip live sessions.

Conference Format

Create virtual and hybrid event experiences that everyone loves to attend. 

  • Host a multi-track event with parallel live streaming sessions.
  • Exhibitor booths, always-on networking lounge & more.
  • Schedule meetings
  • Put a spotlight on your sponsors
  • The audience can skip live sessions and define their own experience.
  • Stream your physical events to the virtual audience via Airmeet and on your favorite social platforms.