Airmeet Accessibility. What all actions can be done on Airmeet in terms of accessibility?

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Airmeet aims to provide an inclusive and accessible experience for all its users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Host truly inclusive events without communication barriers. 

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Here are some ways in which Airmeet ensures accessibility for its users:

  1. Captioning and transcription: Airmeet provides live closed captioning and automatic transcription services for all its events. This enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to follow along with the event and also helps non-native speakers understand the content more easily.

  2. Screen reader support: Currently, the Airmeet platform supports native screen readers - Voice Over (MacOS) and Narrator (Windows). This allows visually impaired individuals to access the platform and participate in events.

  3. Keyboard navigation: Airmeet can be fully navigated using a keyboard, which makes it accessible for individuals who are unable to use a mouse or trackpad.

Overall, Airmeet is committed to ensuring that its platform is accessible for all users, and is constantly working to improve its accessibility features.

What actions can be taken on Airmeet in terms of accessibility?

1. People with hearing impairment

a. Closed caption is available for the live stage for all users currently on Airmeet.

Alternatively, participants can use the live caption feature available in the Chrome browser, which works well with the Airmeet platform.

2. People with visual impairment

a. Keyboard navigation and Screen reading capabilities are already being built for different user journeys. Native screen readers such as VoiceOver (MacOS) and Narrator (Windows) are supported by default.

b. Color themes can be customized to suit the needs of most users. Users can easily visually distinguish web content and separate foreground from the background.

c. The visual presentation of text and images of text now has a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.

3. Live Translations

a. Airmeet offers live translations for live sessions via integrations with Interprefy.

Airmeet Platform areas covered for Keyboard navigation and screen reading capabilities

a. Registrations and event entry - All users can register and enter the event with all event entry flows (except ticketed events)

b. Mic and Camera check - Speakers can perform audio/video check and choose a background before entering the event 

c. Schedule - After entering the event, users can navigate to and join the desired session

d. Backstage - Speakers can join Backstage and use the stage controls for camera, microphone, and screen sharing. 

e. Live Stage - Speakers can access stage controls and present their screens. Attendees can use the emoji reactions and raise their hands. 

f. Session level engagement - All attendees can send chat messages, post questions, answer polls and engage with session widgets, etc.

g. Event Feed  - All users can engage with the event feed

h. People Tab - All users can view other people’s profiles and send them a direct message.

i. Social Lounge - All users can join a table and interact with others.

g. Default reception - All users can view the reception, and view live and upcoming sessions, sponsors, and booth cards.

l. Alerts and announcements - All users can view the alerts and audio/video announcements.


Airmeet takes accessibility as a top priority. We are committed to building the best and most accessible event experience for everyone.

Guided by experts from leading providers of digital accessibility solutions for regular audits and implementing best practices

Dedicated accessibility team that listens to user needs and makes improvements with every update. Airmeet follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to assess our platform’s conformance to accessibility standards. You may request our latest Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) created using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) here.

Need more details? Contact your account manager to learn more about Airmeet's accessibility capabilities and compliance.

Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge for quick assistance.

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