Steps to follow:-

Step 1: Click on the event link shared with you. Enter the event by clicking on "Enter Airmeet"
It is recommended to use the Airmeet Application which will provide you with a better experience.


Step 2: Register with your email or other social media accounts.After registering it will ask to fill up the attendee card. 


Fill in the credentials like name, email, designation, organization, state, and country. These details will be shown to other participants. After filling up click on 'Continue' to proceed further.


Step 3: As Airmeet is experienced best in Laptop/Desktop a page will be shown that informs users to use the same for a better experience. Click the "Continue on mobile" button if you wish to proceed ahead.



Step 4: As soon as you enter, you will see the list of sessions in the schedule tab along with their status.

Live Session

If the session is live, it will show a red LIVE  indicator. You can click on the "Join Session" button to enter that particular session.

Note: Session streamed in browser view is 30 sec delayed than the live event streamed on laptop/desktop.


If the session is paused, it will show a grey PAUSED indicator.


If the session has ended, it will show a COMPLETED indicator.



Session Chat & Q&A

You can also send public chat in the feed tab and ask questions using the Q&A tab.


Step 5: Booths

A Booth is a virtual space where multiple booths can be set up and visited by participants to interact with exhibitors one-one on tables and encourage exhibitors to put up stalls at your event to generate leads. The booth has striking features like a booth lounge for demos and discussions, company collaterals showcase like brochures, whitepapers, flyers, etc., and a CTA to receive interest from the visitors. 

In the browser version, the participants don't have many options to view as compared to the Laptop/desktop version still you would be able to visit the booth and check out the collaterals and textual/visual content from the mobile browser.

Step 6: Event Partners

A list of event partners or sponsors can be viewed here and an attendee can visit their website to know more about them.

Step 7: Polls

Polls are a view to keep your audience engage and know their area of likes and interest hence polls are available event-wise and session-wise in the mobile browser and send the result in real-time to the event host.

Note: It is recommended to use a laptop/desktop to experience the Airmeet event.