Note: For Organizers on Conference Plans kindly connect with your respective Account manager to enable the feature for your event.

 These options can be enabled and used for attendees to easily follow the conversations or to meet accessibility requirements. 

Enable Closed caption (CC) for a live session:

Step 1: Join an Airmeet event from your desktop/laptop.
Step 2: Enter any live session.
Step 3: At the bottom of the stage screen,
Click on the [CC] button to turn on the closed captions. The transcribed text, along with the speaker's name, will be displayed.
To turn off the closed captions, click again on the [CC] button.

Note: Closed Captions are turned off by default and need to enable manually by every participant.

Key Points:

  • Closed Captions are not available to Host or Co-Host.

  • Closed Captions are turned off by default and need to enable them manually.

  • The maximum number of lines that can be shown:

    • If only the speaker is speaking, a maximum of 3 lines.

    • If multiple speakers, then the most recent two speakers will be shown. For the first speaker, one line and the second speaker two lines (at max).

  • Closed Captions are currently available in the English language only.

  • Closed Captions are not supported on lite mode, mobile, and iPad applications.

  • Closed Captions works well with Screen Sharing and Stage Backdrop if applied.

  • Closed Captions doesn't support any Pre-Recorded videos played & RTMP-based sessions.

  • Closed Captions are not recorded and won’t appear when the recording plays.

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