This feature will be available by default on events created after 06 July 2022.

For events created before the above-mentioned date, kindly send a request to Airmeet Support at or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

1. Overview

Boost your session engagement and attendance by keeping it interactive with the breakout rooms. To make your live sessions more engaging for your participants, incorporate breakout sessions within them. 

To encourage networking, develop group chats, explore ideas, and keep the session exciting, divide guests into small, arbitrary groups throughout the breakouts. Provide interactive networking opportunities that your participants can look forward to during the live sessions.

2. Creating Breakout rooms within a live session

2.1 Create a new Breakout

The session host and co-host can enter the session and create the breakout rooms. Kindly follow the below steps- 

Step 1: Click on enter event from your event dashboard and look for the session under the schedule tab.


Step 2: Click on the Go backstage and Start the session to create the breakout room.

Step 3: Now the session has started and then go to the "right panel" and click on the "breakout room icon" to create the breakout rooms

Step 4:  Click on create new breakout option.

2.2. Types of Breakout rooms

2.2.1 Random Assignment 

Rooms will be created based on the specified size, and the participants will be assigned randomly.

Participants will be divided into specified sizes, and the respective rooms will be assigned.

Step 1: Enter the no of Participants per room. Max 30 participants are allowed per room.

Speakers & hosts can move freely between breakout rooms.

Step 2: Click the "Start" button to start the breakout room or save the setting to start later during the live session.

Step 3: After starting the Break out room, participants will be pushed to different rooms randomly with each other.

Speakers & hosts can move freely between breakout rooms.

2.2.2 Upload a list of participant

As a session host or Co-host, you can upload the CSV file containing the list of registered participants and room names.

Step 1: Download the CSV template and fill in the details of registrant participants by entering the room number & their email id.

Step 2: Upload the CSV file by selecting it from your computer. Ensure you enter the email id of ONLY registered participants (Attendees & Exhibitors).

Step 3: You can add another CSV file or preview the uploaded data before starting the Breakout rooms.

Email: Enter the emails id's of all registered participants
BreakoutRoom: Enter the room number where participants should be automatically pushed into

Step 4: Click on the "Start" button.

Step 5: After starting the Breakout room, participants will be pushed to different rooms according to room no set on the CSV file.

Speakers & hosts can move freely between breakout rooms.

3. Managing Breakout Rooms

3.1. Move all participants to Breakout Rooms

Once the Breakout room is ready, using any of the above types, click on the "Start" button to push all participants to their respective rooms.

The session host & co-host can only Start the Break out of the room once the session is live. Though they can save the rooms backstage using CSV upload and save it for later.

3.2. Make Breakout room discoverable

Make your breakout rooms discoverable and allow participants the ability to self-select which room they would like to join without needing intervention from the host.

Step 1: While creating the Breakout room, toggle the "Make breakouts discoverable" towards the right.

Step 2: This will create different rooms discoverable to attendees on the session screen, and participants can self-select which room they would like to join without needing intervention from the host.

3.3. Join Breakout room

Once the Breakout rooms are made discoverable, participants will have an option the ability to self-select which room they would like to join by clicking on the "Join"  button present on the home screen.

As a host/co-host and speaker, you can click on the join option to join any breakout rooms.

3.4. Allow non-assigned participants

Participants can join the main session a bit later after the random assignment is done. 

b) Sending Request to 

Participants have an option to request the session host to allow them to join any breakout room (in random order).

Click on the "Ask Organizer" button once you enter the event and a notification would be sent to the session host/co-host.


a) Allowing Participants

As a session host/co-host you will get a notification to allow the non-assigned participants to assign to any random room.

Step 1: Click on the Right-hand side controls and click on the "Allow" button.

Step 2: Select the participants and click on the "Update" button to push them to any breakout room.

Note: This feature is ONLY applicable in the case of "Random Assignment"

3.5. Set a timer for the Breakout room

You can put your Breakout Rooms on a timer that forces everyone to return to the main session when the timer expires. This option is excellent for group activities or brainstorming sessions.

Step 1: Click on the "Add Timer" option to set a time for which the breakout rooms will be active. Set timer applies for all breakout rooms and NOT for a particular room. 

Step 2: Enter the time in minutes. You can set a timer for a maximum of 120 minutes

The breakouts will end automatically after the specified duration.

Edit Timer
To edit the timer click on the Edit icon on the top right side beside the close breakout room button. You can increase or decrease the timer according to your preferences.

3.6. Create an announcement for all  Breakout room

As a host/co-host, you can click on "Create an announcement" to send out the text notification to all the participants in the breakout rooms.

Note: You can add the text announcement up to 200 characters and then click on the post option to publish it.

3.7 Close all rooms

When you are ready to conclude your breakout sessions, you can click “Close Breakout,” which will give participants a notification to rejoin the main session. 

4. Breakout Room Controls

Once you enter the breakout room, all the participants get different controls they can perform together.

4.1. Audio/Video settings

Click on the three dots setting icon on the middle-bottom of the live stage/backstage and select Audio & video settings to change your audio/video.

4.2. Screen sharing

Click the share screen option to present the screen to the other participants.
Note: Only ONE person at a time can share their screen

4.3. In-meeting Chat

Click on the chat icon to send a chat message to everyone and communicate with other participants 

4.4. Fullscreen mode

Click on the Fullscreen button to switch to Fullscreen mode.

4.5. Room Capacity

You can specify a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 30 participants in each breakout room.

The maximum number of participants in a single Breakout Room depends on the session participant's capacity, the number of Breakout Rooms created, and whether participants are assigned during the session.

4.6. Breakout room recording

Breakout rooms are NOT recorded on Airmeet. In comparison, the main session is recorded and available on the dashboard after the session ends.

4.7. Sending participants back to breakouts

Once you close a breakout session, you can always decide to break your participants up again. This is useful for longer classes or events because you can split your participants up as many times as you would like.

4.8. Allow participants to return to the main session at any time

Participants have the ability to return to the main session without any time constraints and can join other breakout rooms (if made discoverable by the session host) or can join any other session or section of the platform.

5. Points to keep in mind

  • The host and Speaker have another default breakout room. You can instruct attendees while the breakouts are in progress by switching between multiple breakout rooms.

  • Breakout rooms options are only available once the event is marked open/started. Also, the Random assignment option is available once the session is marked started.

  • 30 participants are allowed per roomOrganizers, hosts/co-hosts & Speakers can join any room anytime.

  • Breakouts are currently not supported on lite mode.

  • Breakout rooms are not recorded

  • Closed captions are not available for breakout discussions.

  • You cannot stream out a breakout room discussion.ONLY the main session can be streamed out.

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