Airmeet works with WebRTC, a rather new technology that might require network configuration within larger companies with secured firewalls. 

Suppose you are trying to enter an Airmeet event from work, a school, or a religious organization. In that case, you may run into a Firewall issue, and you may see a black loading screen or an "Unable to connect" warning.

Quick Troubleshooting & basic checks

In case If you are using a VPN to access Airmeet, you should first conduct a mic-cam test at 
Quick Troubleshooting to make sure the firewall setting allows you to connect on Airmeet. 

If the Firewall setting is identified as an issue, ask your IT department or your VPN provider to help.

Here are the items you will need to check with your IT department:

Minimum Requirement: -

Streaming Domain Whitelist (in case of streaming-in via RTMP)

Whitelist all subdomains of

  • (for Mux Data beacons) and

  • (for video and dashboard-related functionality) 

    Essentially  * and * For RTMP-based sessions. Streaming won't be visible in case the above domains are blocked in the user system or network.

Explicit Firewall rules for your IT department recommended (VPN/Firewall Access)

To access Airmeet from a location with restricted network access, it is recommended that the network administrator allows UDP traffic for a better experience. For allowing UDP traffic, your network should allow traffic to and from for the following domains and ports.

Third-party domains for real-time communications

  • Domains: -
    • *

    • *

    • *

    • *

    • *

  •  Ports:- 

    • TCP: 80; 443; 3433; 4700 - 5000; 5668; 5669; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9130; 9131; 9140; 9591; 9593; 9601; 9667; 30011 - 30013

    • UDP: 3478; 4700 - 5000 

Troubleshoot tip: If you do not believe you are behind a firewall but still unable to join Airmeet, please check to see if Stealth Mode is enabled in AdGuard (adblocker).  

Airmeet can't detect your firewall settings with this enabled. After disabling Stealth Mode, you should pass the Network Firewall check. Similarly, if you have Kaspersky or any other Antivirus or adblocker installed/enabled, please disable that for the time being.

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