How to set up “Customized Reception” in an Airmeet event?

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1. Overview

2. Enable Custom Reception

3. Setting up the Customized Reception 

    3.1. Add Background Image

    3.2. Videos

    3.3. Links

    3.4. iFrame Plugin

    3.5. Tracks

4. Preview Reception

5. Custom Reception Snapshot

1. Overview

Create a grand first impression for your attendees of the event. You can emphasize your brand and the event by creating a customized reception.

Walkthrough Video guide

2. Enable Custom Reception

Step 1: Go to Airmeet Event dashboard > Branding Tab > Reception tab on the left-hand side.

Step 2: You will get two options, the “default reception” layout & the “custom reception” layout.

Step 3: Select the “Edit Custom Reception” option and start setting up your reception.

3. Setting up the Customized Reception


Note: The session option shown on the above gif is now shown as "Schedule," which opens up the schedule button on the event page listing all the session

Customize Reception includes 4 objects that can be dragged and dropped on a canvas to set it up.

3.1. Add Background Image

Add a “background image” (3D or a 2D image) by dragging & dropping the background image object, and upload your background image on which you can place videos or links.

To edit or remove the image uploaded, kindly click on the uploaded image and select the delete option or edit option to re-upload the image.

Recommended dimensions  - 1440px *720px
Supported formats - JPG, PNG. 
Maximum file size up to 10 MB.


3.2. Videos

Add a video on the reception background image by the drag & drop the video object and uploading the video. You can place & resize the video once it's been uploaded.

Note: Videos will be on mute & auto-played by default. Attendees will have the option to unmute and make the video fullscreen at their convenience.

To edit or remove the video uploaded, Kindly click on the “uploaded video” and select the “delete” option or “edit” option to re-upload the video.

Supported formats - .MP4, .AVI
Maximum file size up to 1000 MB.

Note: You can add up to 5 videos for an event.


Add a transparent clickable area by which it can be linked to the areas of the event or any external links. Drag and drop the links object and select a destination to add a link.
You can place & resize the transparent link.


Destinations: -

a) Lounge: This option will redirect all attendees to the “lounge” section of the event, where attendees can network with other participants on virtual tables.

b) Booths: This option will redirect all attendees to the “booths” section of the event, where they can find all the booths.

c) Particular Booth: Select from the list of booths added to the event.

c) Schedule: This option will redirect all attendees to the “Schedule” button, where you can find all upcoming and ongoing sessions.

 External Link:  This option will redirect all attendees to any “external link.”
Note: The link will open in another tab of the browser.

e) Resources: This option will redirect all attendees to the "resource" section of the event.


3.4. iFrame Plugin

Embedding the Iframe plugin has multiple benefits to keep your participants engaged and provide them with more interactions like a social wall, gamification, and photo booth. 

  • Infinite flexibility: You can embed any website into the live session
  • No context switching: The attendees will interact with the plugin inside the session without losing the context of the session
  • Provides the flexibility to embed any widget of their choice into the live session feed
  • You can use the widgets to drive attendee engagement and interactions during the session for a compelling session experience
  • You can use some of the widgets to accomplish their event goals and also gather feedback from the attendees

Drag and drop the "Iframe plugin" object towards the canvas and other objects like Background Images, Videos & Links and Enter the "iFrame URL" from your desired platform or tool.

Read more: How to embed an Iframe code on Airmeet custom reception?

3.5. Tracks

Map the tracks on Custom reception and let your attendees join a track directly.

Learn more: How to set up "Tracks" for your event & map sessions to a track?

Step 4: Once the setup is done, click the “Save” button, and your customized reception is ready.

4. Preview Reception

You can preview the customized reception by clicking on the “Preview Reception” option on the top right-hand side corner and edit the same by clicking on the “edit” button if required.

5. Custom Reception Snapshot

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