An event can be hosted in Three formats on Airmeet: Social Webinar, Conference Format, and Hybrid Conference.

Social Webinar Format come under Free & Standard plans

Conference and Hybrid Conference Format come under Pro plans

1. Social Webinar format: 

  1. Single-stage: You can only host sequential sessions on a single track (no parallel sessions).
  2. Social Lounge & Speed networking is available for networking
  3. Attendees cannot skip sessions. They will be directed to the live event. 
  4. There is no reception or booth exhibition space in the Social Webinar format.
  5. Sponsor branding is limited.
  6. Ideal for webinars + networking events.
  7. The user interface is entirely different from the conference format event.

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2. Conference format: 

  1. Create parallel sessions in multiple tracks. 
  2. Set up exhibition booths, and each booth has a lounge.
  3. Attendees have an option to join any sessions. 
  4. More space for sponsor branding.
  5. The social lounge is always available for networking.
  6. Ideal for conferences, summits, tradeshows, and fairs with a large audience.
  7. Attendees can opt to visit booths, lounge (for networking), or come to the reception page to see the summarized information of the event even when the session is live.

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3. Hybrid Conference Format

  1. Provide a seamless event experience for both your online and in-person attendees
  2. Similar to Conference Format with additional onsite compatibility features
  3. The organizer can mention the Venue details on the Landing page and the session venue.
  4. Ticketing can be set up at value "0" without connecting with a Stripe account.
  5. Unlimited possibilities of Networking like Social Lounge, Speednetworking & Fluid Space
  6. Mobile application for Organizer to manage onsite scanning and analytics on attendee presence online & offline (coming soon)

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