Present PDF from within Airmeet Stage

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1. Overview

Present your PDF document directly in an Airmeet session without the need for screensharing. PDFs can be easily accessed, and controls can be used inside the stage itself.

2. Walkthrough

3. Share PDF on Airmeet stage

Step 1: Once you’re on the stage, click on the “present to audience” icon.

Step 2: After clicking, you’ll get two options to choose from, “Select PDF file” or “Screen share”.

Step 3: Choose the “Select PDF file” option, then, from your local computer, select a PDF file that needs to be presented to the audience and click on "open.”.

Step 4: As a presenter, you’ll have the following controls

  1. Moving the slides next or going back to the previous slide by clicking the “<” & “>” arrows to navigate through different slides.

  2. The preview slides option can be used to preview all the slides, directly navigate to another slide if needed, & click on "hide preview" in case you are done with previewing the slides.

  3. Fullscreen mode and navigation of slides can be done in maximized mode as well.

Step 5: Once you’re done with your presentation, kindly click on the "stop presenting" button to end your presentation.


4. Things to keep in mind


  • The present PDF option is only available on stage & backstage and wouldn’t be possible in the case of virtual tables.

  • The host, co-host, & speaker for a particular session can share a PDF.

  • Only one person at a time can present their PDF file.

  • If possible, make your PDF in 16:9 ratio (ratio of width to height of the screen on a high-definition TV or computer monitor.) for more visibility to the audience.

  • PDF file doesn't support any kind of media like animations or video (in case a presentation file, including a media file, has been converted to PDF).

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