Disclaimer: The User Interface in both formats (Social Webinar & Conference) will differ for the hosts and attendees, but the functionality and flow remain the same.

1. Invite to Stage

People in the Session icon or People tab

Step 1: Click on the People in Session icon or People tab.

Step 2: Hover your cursor over the attendee you want to invite, click Invite to Stage,
 and wait for the attendee to accept the request. 

Once the attendee accepts the request, they will be visible on the stage.

2. Removing Attendees from the Stage

Step 1: Select the attendee’s profile.

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the attendee video tab and click the Remove from Stage option.


3. Accept a Raise Hand Request from your Attendees

Step 1: When attendees raise their hands, the host receives a request in the Raise Hand tab.

Step 2: Click on the Manage tab > Raise Hands.

Step 3: To accept their request, click on the Hand Mic option. Attendees will join the live session and interact with other speakers on stage.

Multiple participants can raise hands and can be accepted by the host.

Note: Participants can join depending upon the stage limit.

4. Removing attendees from the live stage

The session host/co-host can click on the 'Raised hand' tab and 'Remove from the stage to remove an attendee from the stage.'

Note : Attendees coming on stage via Raise hand can also leave the stage by click on the raise hand icon again.

5. Difference Between Invite to Stage & Raise Hand

Invite to Stage

  • When an attendee is invited to the stage, they are visible as the speaker, whereas when an attendee joins the stage by raising their hand, they’re visible as attendees only. 

Raise Hand Request

  • Attendees can raise their hands during the session, but only the host can accept their request. 

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