Airmeet Public API

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1. Overview

Connect your Platform stack with Airmeet APIs and create events, add sessions, or add participants for an Airmeet event.

2. Use cases

  • Adding registrations to an event
  • Adding speakers in bulk
  • Creating sessions in bulk
  • Creating booths in bulk
  • Fetching attendance for the event, sessions, and booths for an event
  • Fetching poll responses, questions asked for an event

3. Airmeet Public API's

3.1. Event Details 

This API helps you fetch the list of Airmeet events, session details, and all engagement activities performed by the participants.

Read more: Event Details | Airmeet Public API

3.2. Manage Registrations 

This API helps you to add, block & unblock an attendee.

Read more: Manage Registrations | Airmeet Public API

3.3. Manage Event 


This API helps you manage & setup an Airmeet event. You can add a speaker, a booth, and customize the landing page.

Read more: Manage Event| Airmeet Public API  

3.4. Manage Event Series


This API helps you manage & setup an Airmeet event series.

Read more: Manage Event Series | Airmeet Public API

4. Points to keep in mind and Limitations

  • A few time zones might not be available. Kindly check the dashboard for available time zones while creating an event.
  • Email address and First and last name are mandatory fields in uploading the CSV file and the custom registration form.

  • While fetching the list of Airmeets, The before and after cursors cannot be used simultaneously. If they are both specified, the API ignores them before the cursor.

  • Tokens issued by this API are valid for 30 days and can be cached on the consumer service.

  • While creating a session:
    • Only SessionTitle, SessionStartTime, and Host Email are mandatory fields.
    • Speakers should be added to the Airmeet before creating the session.
    • Team members should be added to the community before creating the session.
    • If you want a speaker to get the same privilege as a co-host, you can add their email in both the speaker and cohost fields.
    • The session type should be HOSTING only.

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