Here’s how you can start creating your event at Airmeet and edit it any time before hosting it:

Step 1. Go to the dashboard. ( >sign in> Dashboard)

Step 2. Click on "Create Event" from the top right side of the page or directly click on the "Conference" card. 

Step 3. Create your Airmeet event by entering the following details.

a) Airmeet Name: Enter the name for your event

b) Start Date & Time: Enter the event start date & time.

c) End Date & Time: Enter the event end date & time.

d) Time zone: Select your time zone and region.

Note: Participants from another time zone will see the timing according to their system time zone.

e) Enable social lounge: The social lounge is a 
virtual space where the attendee can be seated at any table, move across the table and interact with those on the same tables in a mini-virtual conference. 

Select the no of tables you wish to have at your event

You can not reduce the number of tables once the Airmeet is created, but can increase the same from the dashboard (Dashboard > Basic info > edit Airmeet > increase no of tables)

Occupancy: A Virtual table can have a maximum of 8 participants of the event, whereas the event organizer/host gets an additional seat, making it to 9 participants on the table.

Disable social lounge: As an organizer, you can disable the lounge access to participants before the event or during the event as well (it will require refresh from participants if done during the event).

Step 4. After all event details are filled in, click on "Create Event."

Step 5.  Now your Airmeet is created successfully.

Note: To change any of these details later, Go to "Basic info" under your event dashboard > click on the "Edit" button.

 Step 6.  You will now enter the "Event Dashboard," where you can set up your whole event.

To know how to set up your event from the dashboard, kindly refer to this article:
Setup Airmeet Conference event.

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