Booths can be accessed in two ways:

1. Booths section:

Click on the Booth from the top panel on your page and click it to access booths.

Click on each booth to understand and learn about the exhibitor's products and services. You may even participate or network with others in the booth lounge.

Register Interest Button: Click on it and enter your email address to understand more about the product. The exhibitors may also add offers on this button.


 You can also connect with other participants on a particular booth social lounge where you can have a conversation with exhibitor and their representatives as well.

To join any table, simply click on the Join button and connect with others.


2. Reception Carousel Card:

On the bottom-right side of a reception page, find a carousel card that contains sessions, booths, and booth social lounge. Choose a booth and click on it to access it.

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