Change the community name to suit the theme and purpose of every event you host. Personalize the details by modifying the community name. 

The changes will reflect on the event landing page and the event reception. 

Step 1: Go to the events dashboard (go to> Sign in > Events > Choose Event > click on Summary > Event details > click on 'Edit' )


Step 2: Enter the organization name section and the desired name. Then click on the save option. 

The changes will reflect on the particular event landing page and the event reception.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Only the Event organizer can rename the community name.

  • After changing the community name, all the communication emails (unique link, registration link & exhibitor mail) will have the updated community name for that particular event.

  • Rename community will be applicable for a particular event and you would still see the default community name on the community dashboard.

  • If you want to rename your default community name, kindly reach us at or visit our 24*7 Support lounge

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