Ticketing FAQ's for organizers

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1. What’s Airmeet Ticketing? 

It’s a simple and time-effective way for you to:

  • Sell event tickets of different tiers.

  • Set event and session-level access based on your ticket category.

  • Track ticket sales and payments within your account.



2. Can I create a ticket based on attendee tiers?

Absolutely! You can create tiers or ticket categories and offer exclusive access to attendees based on their purchased tickets.



3. Can I use Airmeet’s ticketing experience to host a free event?

Yes, you can curate a premium registration experience and make your audience feel exclusive even by keeping the ticket priced at zero dollars. However, you would still require to connect your Stripe account with Airmeet.



4. I don’t have a Stripe account; what should I do?

Currently, our system integrates with Stripe. However, we'll add more payment management solutions in the future. Plus, creating a Stripe account and getting started is super easy.



5. Can a linked Stripe Account of a community be changed due to a change in the community manager (CM)?

Sure, but it is not self-serve. It has to be requested to Airmeet support at support@airmeet.com  or visit us at our 24*7 Support Lounge.



6. Mr XYZ (Community manager) started an Airmeet event and sold 100 of 300 tickets by linking his Stripe account. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, he cannot continue as Community manager, and Mr. ABC is ready to hold the same event as scheduled. Now, can the stripe account be changed?

Not from the event dashboard, but can be requested to Airmeet support at support@airmeet.com or visit us at our 24*7 Support Lounge.

Note: Ticket sales must be paused while the account change is processed.



7. Can a community be linked to two Stripe Accounts at any time?

No, that’s currently not possible on Airmeet.



8. A community holds various events in a month. How can it obtain event-wise details of attendees and fees received?

As an event organizer, you can get those details in 2 ways:

a. Post-event analytics report sent after the event has been marked ended.

b. Stripe dashboard. (Ticket name is displayed in each payment detail, which can be exported)



9. Can an organizer reschedule the date and time of the event to a future date after tickets have been sold?

Yes. It would help to inform the attendees as they don’t get any rescheduling emails via Airmeet automatically.


10. Is there an option to make any field mandatory in tickets? Is there a way to customize the registration form?

Yes. You can make any field mandatory or non-mandatory and customize the complete form.


11. Who bears the cancellation fee for an event?

When a refund is created in Stripe, the ticket amount is returned to your attendee/participant. Further, Stripe fees are not returned to the organizer for refunds. Hence, the Organizer will bear the cost Stripe fee amount, and the refund to the customer will be pulled from your balance.



12. What happens to the unique link provided to the attendee upon cancellation/refund of the ticket? Will the attendee still enter the event using the link, or will it get blocked?

Yes, the link is valid. However, the organizer has to request ticket cancellation via Airmeet support at support@airmeet.com or visit us at our 24*7 Support Lounge

13. Countries where Airmeet ticketing features are not available.
India, Malaysia, UAE

14. Is there an alternative to the Stripe account to enable ticketing features in Airmeet?
As a Stripe alternative, you can use the following:
1. Eventbrite Integration
2. Any payment mode. 
For example, BookMyShow/Paypal
Once the booking is made, enter the relevant information in the CSV file and upload it to Airmeet.

15. What are Airmeet's ticketing application fees?

4% of the ticket charge + Stripe Payment processing charges
2 % of the ticket charge + Stripe Payment processing charges
0 % of the ticket charge + Stripe Payment processing charges
8% of the ticket charge + Stripe Payment processing charges

The organizer bears the Stripe charges, which could be 3%-5%, depending on the mode of payment.

Payout to Organizer = Ticket Price - (Airmeet Fee + Stripe Fee)

16. Can we encode QR codes to the Airmeet Ticketing feature?

Yes, https://help.airmeet.com/support/solutions/folders/82000695109

17. I have enabled ticketing. However, some tickets are sold, and I want to disable the ticketing and return to the Event Entry. Is this possible?
No, it is not possible once the tickets are sold.

18. If the event is duplicated, will the ticketing feature get cloned?
No, the duplicate/clone event will not copy the ticketing feature. You have the flexibility to re-add ticketing features or use them without ticketing.

19. Can attendees purchase event tickets on their mobile?
No, currently, tickets are not supported on mobile devices. Attendees need to purchase the ticket from a laptop/desktop.

20. Can I Hide tickets from my event?

Yes. You can hide Sold out, Ongoing, and Sale ended tickets from the dashboard.

Events Dashboard > Registrations tab > Ticketing > Click on 3 dots beside a particular ticket > Press Hide.



18. What are the tax-related aspects that an Organizer who conducts an event on Airmeet needs to be aware of?

Currently, Airmeet does not provide an option to collect taxes, and the taxes are mentioned as “zero” by default.



19. Can the description of taxes be entered/altered in the invoice?

No. The taxes will be displayed under Taxes as “Zero” in the invoice by default.

Need more help? Contact support@airmeet.com or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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