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1. Basic Information

a. What is the Airmeet event series?

Event series allows organizers to set up a series of events spread across multiple weeks and allow attendees to register for multiple events in one go, ensuring the calendars of the attendees are blocked out for those specific events.

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b. On what all Airmeet plans Event series are available?

Event series are currently available on a request basis ONLY for customers under ABP plans. 

Kindly send the request to

2. Registration Management

a. Where can I see the attendee list for my event series?

You can view the attendee list for your event series on by following the process:

Events Dashboard > Registrations > Attendee List. You can view the attendee list and the number of events an attendee has registered for, along with the registration status.

b. How do I add attendees via CSV for all the events in my series?

To add an attendee via CSV follow the below steps:

Events Dashboard > Registrations > Attendee List > +Add Attendee. You can create your own template or download the existing one and upload the attendee details.

Note: CSV uploads are limited to 5000 rows and 1MB in size.

c. What types of event entries can be applied to the event series?

Event entry in Airmeet implies how an event organizer wants their participants to enter & access the event effortlessly. The Airmeet event series has three options for event entry rules, and the event organizer can choose the event entry for participants.

  • Anyone can enter via their unique link (Recommended for public event series)
  • Only people who are invited can enter
  • Anyone can enter after signing in

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d. What is "auto-registration"? How can I enable "Auto Registration" for my event series?

Auto-registration in event series allows the attendee to auto-register for all the events added to the event series and also add them as an attendee for any new event added to the series later. 

To enable "Auto-Registration," follow the below steps:

Events Dashboard > Registrations > Registration Form > Toggle on towards "Enable Auto-Registration for the whole Series."

When auto-registration is ON, attendees who register for the series will automatically be registered for future events added to the series (based on their consent).

If auto-registration is turned OFF, attendees will be able to select the events they want to register for.

e. How do I edit the registration form for my event series?

To edit the registrations, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

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f. Can I use Airmeet ticketing for my event series?

Currently, you cannot add an event that has ticketing enabled, nor is ticketing  is available on event series 

3. Branding

a. What branding can be done on the event series page?

You can add the series logo, sponsor, and customize the landing page by adding media and selecting the font color along with the background of the landing page.

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b. What does an event series landing page look like?

Below is the sample landing page for an Airmeet event series:

4. Email Management

a. What type of emails are sent to participants?

Airmeet currently sends three kind of System-generated emails, i.e.

  • Event series invitation email: Sent when an attendee is invited to your event series via CSV upload from the dashboard.
  • Event series registration email: Sent when someone registers for your event series from the landing page.
  • Event added to event series email: Sent when an upcoming event is added to the series.

b. How many custom emails can be created, and how can I create a custom email?

As an organizer, you can send up to 20 emails per series. The email can be fully customized and tailored according to your requirements.

c. How is a unique link sent to participants when the event date is closer?

Whenever the event is closer to the date, a reminder email is sent by default 1 hour before the event along with the participant's unique link.

d. Can we enable or use "Custom email domain" for event series?

Yes, you can enable custom domains for your event series. Using a custom email domain will help you send all email communication to your own domain rather than from an Airmeet email domain.

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5. Integrations

a. What integration can be enabled for event series?

Currently, the Airmeet event series supports four integrations, i.e., Facebook Pixel, HubSpot, Marketo and Google Tag Manager.

b. How will integration work in the case of event series?

Once the integration is enabled, you can add registrants as a part of the event series directly and make them automatically register for all the upcoming events added to the series.

6. Things to keep in mind

        Registration Management

  1. All events mapped to a series will have a common registration form. (Even if a user tries to register directly from the event landing page, the same series registration form opens.)

  2. All events mapped to a series will have the same entry type as the series.

    Email Management

  3. When you register for the series, only the series registration mail is sent to the attendee. The registration mail for the respective events is not sent separately.

  4. When you are invited to the series, only the series invitation mail is sent to the attendee. The invitation mail for the respective events is not sent separately.

  5. Reminder emails for the respective events are sent before the respective event is scheduled to start.

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