1. Overview

Event entry in Airmeet implies how an event organizer wants their participants to enter & access the event effortlessly.

Airmeet has three options of event entry rules which the event organizer can choose the event entry for participants.

2. Types of event entry rules

2.1. Anyone can enter via their unique link entry rule

Participants can enter the event hassle-free without requiring OTP or sign-in. The unique event access link will be sent to the email address provided by the registrant.


  • Attendees need to visit the event link provided by the event organizer 
  • Enter their email address on the landing page, 
  • Attendees will be sent a unique link to the email address provided, which will be used to register to enter the event.

Event dashboard > Registrations tab > Event EntryClick on “edit” > Select “Anyone can enter in just 2-steps with a unique link

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2.2. Only people who are invited can enter

People on the participant list can enter the event after clicking on the unique link sent to their email addresses.

Use this when you have prepared a list of invitees.

An event organizer can use this option to restrict event access to specific people. The event organizer needs to upload a list of authorized attendees.

Only the attendees (imported email IDs) specified on this list are allowed to enter the event, and other people who have your event link but are not included in the CSV will not be able to join the event. They will get a message saying that the event is private.

How to Setup?

Event dashboard > Registrations tab > Event EntryClick on “Edit” > Select “Only invited people can enter

2.2.1) Upload Invite List

After selecting the “Only invited participants” option, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the “Add attendees” option.

Step 2: Download the list template and use the format specified in the CSV file. 

Note: Attendees' names & email addresses are mandatory to be added to the CSV list.

While using a CSV file, please do not change the header content of the same.

Step 3: Upload the CSV file once you have entered the information of the desired attendees.

If an event organizer wants to add a new batch of participants to your event, you can use the same original CSV file. Add a new list of participants and re-upload it. The old list will be counted as redundant and ignored while new people are added to the participant's list.

As an organizer, you can upload the attendee list whenever you want to before your event date and during the event.

Note: The event organizer can not remove the attendee(s) or edit the information once the file is uploaded. Only new records with unique emails in the file will be added to the list. Other records will be ignored. 

2.2.2 Send an invite via email.

After uploading the list, the event organizer will have two ways to invite their participants:

  1. Send participants the event link, and only those included in the CSV file uploaded will be able to attend your event.

  2. Send every participant a unique link (magic link) via email. 

Kindly follow the steps below to send a unique link :

Step 1: Once the list of attendees has been uploaded, toggle the “Send email invites” to the right and click “Add attendees.”

Step 2: A confirmation message would be sent to process further. Click on “Invite all attendees,” which will immediately trigger an email to all the attendees with their unique links to access your event.

Step 3: After clicking on “Invite all attendees,” a confirmation message would be shown, depicting the number of attendees added and unique links sent.

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3. Anyone can enter without sign-in

People can enter through the event link without any authentication. The email address of the attendees will not be captured.

No login is required. Use this when you want a large number of attendees to enter effortlessly.

Please note that it will not be possible to verify the identity of attendees through this method. Hence customization and access to multiple features will be restricted for security reasons.

Event dashboard > Registrations tab > Event EntryClick on “Edit” > Select “Anyone can enter without sign in

Share the event link with your participants, as anyone who has this event link, would be able to enter the event.


The attendees would be required to enter their basic details on the event registration form while entering the event, displayed on the attendee badges during the event.

4. Anyone can enter after sign-in

People can enter the event after signing in with either Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Apple ID, or Email id and authenticate the account while entering.

Use this to verify the identity of attendees and keep them signed in to the event. 

How to Setup?

Event dashboard > Registrations tab > Event Entry Click on “Edit” > Select “Anyone can enter after sign in

An event organizer can use this option to capture email and other information about the attendees. The attendees are required to log in with their email and then fill out the event registration form.

Share the event link with your target audience only, as anyone who has this event link would be able to enter the event. Email addresses will be shared with the event organizer and provided in the event analytics report.

This option also helps in managing abuse. You can also block abusive attendees during the event, and they won’t re-enter the event with the same email address.

5. Download the Participant list

An event organizer can view the list of all registered and invited attendees for their event under the “Participants List” section.

The event organizer can export the registration details of the participants. The exported file also contains the unique event access link of the participants that the organizer has added.

The organizer can send those unique links to participants on their behalf or who have not received the email due to any technical glitch.

Manage Registration Limits and Pay As You Go for Your Plan

Participants' registrations in Airmeet are calculated differently for the Social Webinar format and Conference format, respectively.

Kindly refer to the below link to understand how registration is calculated and how an organizer can increase their registration limit for certain events.

Manage Registration Limits and Pay As You Go for Your Plan

6. Points to Keep in Mind

  • While using a CSV file, please do not change the header content of the same.

  • Names and email addresses must be entered on the CSV file, and other information can be edited by attendees while entering the event. 
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  • The emails with unique links are sent immediately to the participants on the list after the CSV is uploaded and changes are saved by the organizer. This is not a reminder email. It just contains a unique link for each participant to join the event.

  • The event organizer cannot trigger the email again once the list has been uploaded. They can download the list from the participant’s section and copy the link from there if needed.

  • For the rest of the two categories, the event organizer needs to send the event link to all the participants.
    Event dashboard > From the 'Share event' button, copy “Event Link

  • If the attendees haven’t received the unique link on their respective email, they can reach out to the event organizer, whereas they can copy the link and send them manually from the event dashboard.

    Event dashboard > Registrations Tab > Participants List > Hover over the participants > Copy Magic Link.

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