1. Generating Speaker's unique link

Speaker’s link is a distinct link that is unique to each speaker. 

Once the speaker has been mapped/assigned to the session, the event organizer can either copy the speaker link or send them an email containing the unique link from the Speakers & Host panel.

2. Copy or send an email having a unique link to the speakers

As an event organizer, you can email a particular speaker or send them a bulk email.

To send an email with a unique link to a particular speaker, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Hover over the speaker details and click on "Send email invite"
You can also copy the speaker link and send it to the speaker."

Send invites to multiple speakers at once, follow the below steps

Step 1: Click on the "Send an invite to speakers".

Step 2: Select the speaker you want to send an email to and click on "Send invites"

Note: You cannot send an email invite to speakers who are not assigned for a session.

3. Points to keep in mind

  • Speaker links are unique links and should not be shared with other participants or speakers.
  • You can't change the email address once the speaker profile is created.
  • Speakers can't update their profiles during the event. Kindly make sure you enter the correct information while creating the speaker card. 

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