1. Search and Filter Events

It is tiring to go through all of your past events to find the one you are looking for. To solve this issue, you can use the Search and Filter Events features.

Search Events: Simply type in the name of the event you are searching for, and it should come right up effortlessly.

Filter Events: You can use this feature to filter events as per their status - upcoming, ongoing, paused, or completed.

  • Upcoming: The upcoming event is the one that has not yet started.

  • Ongoing: The ongoing event is the one that has started.

  • Paused: The paused event is the one that has started but paused by the session host.

  • Completed: The completed event is the one that has ended.

2. Archive Events

The completed events can be archived from the event dashboard to give more visibility to the ongoing or upcoming events and improve the time-management.


  • Only completed events can be archived.

  • Both the  Community Manager & Event Managers can archive the completed events.

2.1. How to archive events?

  1. Find the completed events that you want to archive easily by using the filter for the same.

  2. Click on the three-dot button at the top-right side and select “Archive event” to archive your event.

2.2. How to find archived events?

Click on “Show Archived Events” at the top-right side of the screen, and it will show all the events that have been archived.

2.3.How to restore archived events?

  1. Find the archived events.

  2. Select the event you want to restore, click on the ‘three-dot button, and click on “Restore event” to restore it.

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