How to setup matching rules for speed networking sessions?

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1. Overview

2. How to set up Matching Rules?

3. How to Setup Rule-based matching?

4. Points to Remember

1. Overview

During a Speed Networking session, it's always useful to schedule the interactions among participants beforehand. It would undoubtedly be helpful for an event organizer to plan out specific meetings (or "grab bag" sessions) so that they can designate who should talk with whom during these predetermined times within their broad session schedule.

2. How to set up Matching Rules?

Step 1: Log in to your account, select your event, and go to the event dashboard. (Signup > Events tab > Choose the Event and click on it)


Step 2: On the Event dashboard, select the “Sessions tab” from the top panel > click on Sessions List > click on “+Add schedule item” to create a new session.


Step 3: Select “1-1 Speed Networking” as a session type. 

Next, name the session and other information, including session date, session start time, session duration, and attendee conversation duration.


Step 4: Click on “Change rules” to set up the speed networking matching rules:


  • Anyone can match anyone: The default setting can meet during the “Speed Networking” session, where all the participants can meet other participants randomly.

  • Rule-based matching: In this setting, the event organizer can predetermine who will be paired up with whom during the speed networking session (positive matching) or who will not meet with each other(negative matching).



3. How to Setup Rule-based matching?

One can set up speed networking matching rules as either positive or negative rules with different event participants.

Positive and Negative Matching Rules:

The positive matching rules will allow the organizers to put constraints to ensure matches between certain segments.

The negative matching rules will allow the organizers to put constraints to prevent matches between certain segments.

Working of Rules:

Use Case 1 (One Rule)

VIP Ticket (Segment 1) and Gold Ticket (Segment 2)

  • VIP ticket users and Gold ticket users will always match with each other. 

  • Other ticket holders will match among themselves randomly.

In case of multiple rules, the system will follow AND logic. Kindly refer to the use case shown below:

Use Case 2 (Multiple Rules)

Rule 1: VIP Ticket (Segment 1) and Gold Ticket (Segment 2)

Rule 2: Student (Segment 1) and Recruiter (Segment 2)

  • This means 'VIP ticket', 'Students', 'Gold ticket' & 'Recruiter' will always match with each other.

  • Also, 'VIP ticket' 'Recruiters' and 'Gold ticket' Students will always match with each other.

  • 'Students' and 'Recruiters' (with other ticket types will always match each other)

  • 'VIP ticket' holders and 'Gold' holders (with other designation types will always match each other)


The matching rules will apply to three types of categories:

  • Ticket tiers: The user pairs could be connected as per the Ticket tiers like VIP Ticket, Premium Ticket, Gold Ticket, etc.

4. Points to Remember

  • You can't change the matching rules once the Speed Networking Session is live.
  • Both positive & negative rules together on a segment are not allowed.
  • Cross-category rules are not allowed. The different categories are User Type, Custom Form (Custom Fields - Mandated Single select/Multi-select), and Ticket.
  • People who don't fall under any rule will be able to match randomly among themselves.

    Edge cases

  • If custom registration is not added, we will let hosts create matching rules for only user roles but suggest they use 'registration forms' to create effective rules.
  • On any segment, both positive and negative rules can’t be applied. It has to be either positive rules or negative rules on a segment.

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