Empower your exhibitors to monitor booth visitors and leads in real-time. They will be able to view the profile details of the leads and visitors via the visitor panel to initiate conversations. Provide your exhibitors with an opportunity to reach out and close leads faster.

The exhibitor will be able to view and reach out to booth visitors and leads in real-time. The overall stats will be available in the particular booth. Individual lead/visitor details will be available in the expanding side panel.

Visitors: The number of participants who visit the booth to check out the product and services and are on the booth at the current moment.

Lead: The number of participants interested in the exhibition and clicked on the "I'm Interested" button on a particular booth.

Tip: Exhibitors can also send a direct message to the people interested in your exhibition by clicking on the message icon beside their names when clicking on the "Visitors" or "Leads."

Note: Visitors & Leads panel are visible to particular booth exhibitors only.

So if an organizer want's to view, they need to add themself as an exhibitor from the event's dashboard.