1. What is Speed Networking?

Speed Networking allows the event participants to network within the given timeframe set by the event organizer.

Attendees get matched one-on-one for a quick conversation.

2. How to add Speed Networking as a networking session?

Add speed networking to your event schedule to double event interactions organically. 
You’ll have complete control to pick the date and time or drive your event networking conversations.

Note: This feature is available for events created from 13th December 2021 onwards. 

Step 1: Go to your Event Dashboard and select the "Schedule" tab from the top panel.

Step 2: Click on "Sessions" > Click on "Add an activityand select "Speed Networking".


Step 3: Fill in the following details for your "Speed Networking" session


  • Session name - Enter a name for your session.

  • Session date, Start time & Duration - Enter the session date, time & duration on how long this session is in minutes

  • Tags - By adding tags, you can help the attendee find their preferred session quickly.

  • Session description - Add more details about this item for better clarity for attendees.

  • Extend Networking Time - Enable attendees to extend networking time toward the end. 

  • Matching rule Click on “Change rules” to set up the speed networking matching rules.

Step 4: After filling in all the details, don't forget to click on the "Save" button.

3. How to start a Speed Networking session?

On the day of your event, the event organizer can start the Speed Networking session from the schedule section of your event. 

The event organizer can also join it and end it when it's time.

4. How does speed networking work?

Once the event organizer starts the "Speed Networking session", the participants will be pushed towards the networking session and asked to connect with other participants.

All the participants will get matched one-on-one for quick conversations with other participants.

Note: During the Networking session, participants won't be able to connect with each other on Virtual tables and would be pushed to join the networking session.

5. How does Speed networking work?

  • On joining, you will be matched with the next available participant. 
  • You will see a flashing 30 seconds timer when the current meeting is about to end (You can surely opt for a 2 min extender as well)
  • Use the chatbox to exchange contact details.
  • After the meeting, you will be matched with the next available participant.

6. Points to keep in mind

  • The event organizers can only start and stop the networking session.
  • Speed networking is run for 5 mins by default for participants.
  • As an event organizer, you can't restart the session once marked ended.

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