How to setup 'Session as a video call' session and start the session during the event?

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Also known as "Group Meeting" or "Large Meeting" earlier.

Disclaimer: Recording for this particular session needs to be turned ON from inside the session and can also be turned off during the session. The session host or co-host needs to ensure the recording toggle is turned ON or OFF during the session as per the need.

It is advisable for the host or co-host to not leave the session immediately after turning the recording ON.

1. Overview

Unmoderated round table conversations and large discussions within a group. "Session as a Video Call" session allows hosts to conduct group meetings with up to 1000 participants

Attendees participate effectively at any given point without having to raise their hands. They can join the conversation by just unmuting themselves.

Session as a Video Call provides a personalized experience and improves attendee engagement.


2. How to set up a 'Session as a Video Call' session?

Step 1: Go to the events dashboard and click on the 'Sessions tab', then go to the 'Sessions List' tab on LHS.

Step 2: Click on the '+Add an activity and select 'Session as a Video Call'.

Step 3: Fill in the session details as follows:

a. Name: Enter the name of what event participants should see.

b. Session date, Start time, and duration: Enter the session's date, time & duration according to the event schedule.

c. Session Host & Co-host: Add session host and co-host(optional) for them to start & control the session.

d. Tags: Add multiple tags for participants to search and find sessions easily. 

e. Session description: 
Add more details to give better clarity to attendees.

Step 4: Click on the 'Save' button. 

3. How to start a 'Session as a Video Call' session?

The session host & co-host can start the 'Session as a Video Call' session from the schedule button and allow participants to join the meeting and interact with each other.

To start the 'Session as a Video Call ' session, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the event and look for the 'Session as a Video Call' session under the schedule button.

Step 2: Click on the 'Start Session'. 

Step 3: Attendees can now enter the 'Session as a Video Call' session and start interacting with each other.

4. "Session as a Video" session Call Controls & Interactions

As a session host/co-host or participant, you have multiple controls and interaction capabilities to perform; 

Let's see what activities you can perform. 

Host/Co-host Controls

a) Turn off the camera & mute the microphone for participants: As a session host & co-host, you can turn off or mute the other participant.

b) Remove participants from the call: As a session host & co-host, you can also remove the participants from the call.

Hover towards participants > Click on 3 dots > Select the desired action.

c) End 'Session as a Video Call' session:  To end the meeting, the session host or co-host can click on the End session located at the top of the session or go back to the schedule page and click on the 'End Session.'

d) Record meeting: As a session host/co-host, you can enable or disable the recording for that session.

Note: Session recordings are generated on the events dashboard once the session is marked as ended.

Participants Controls

a) Pin yourself & participants: As a participant, you can pin or unpin yourself and other participants to get a bigger view.

Note: You can only pin one person at a time during the session.

b) Blur Background: Blur your background.


b) Chat: Send a chat message to everyone and have an async communication with other participants.

c) View People: View the list of participants on the call and send them a direct message or schedule a 1:1 meeting with them.

d) Change Layout: As a participant, you can change the layout view to 'Grid view' or 'Active Speaker view.'

Note: The view layout gets changed for yourself and not for other participants.

4.1. RHS control & breakout room

Session as a video call provides interactive RHS having a Chat, Q/A, People in session, Advance Poll, Breakout room, and multiple Iframe on the RHS tab.

5. Things to keep in mind

  • Only the Session host & Co-host can only start and end the 'Session as a Video Call' session.
    Note: Session cannot be restarted once marked ended.

  • A maximum of 1000 participants can join this group meeting per session and would be shown on a grid of 25 participants per space.
    NoteOn request, up to 49 users can be shown on the screen

  • 'Session as a Video Call' session is ONLY accessible through Desktop/Laptop & Mobile Browsers and is not accessible on Airmeet mobile applications
  • You cannot use Show Chat & Q/A on stage in Session as a Video Call.

  • Recording for Session as a Video Call session can be disabled and enabled during the session as well. The host & Co-host need to be sure about the action taken.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.  

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