How to Customize live "Event Branding"?

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1. Overview

2. Customizing events & sessions during a live event or in preview mode

  2.1. Pre-event 

  2.2. During the event

  2.3 Walkthrough Video

3. Select the Event Ambience theme

4. Change CTA's & Font text colors

5. Change Background

6. Change or Upload Fonts

7. Update the Element Styles

Walkthrough video guide 

Customize In-Event branding

1. Overview

Customize the event space, modify the event theme, change CTA colors & Font colors, and apply a background from solid color, gradient, pattern, or image. Personalize the event interface in your brand colors. Configure precisely how you want your attendees to engage in the event with our advanced engagement controls. 

2. Customizing events & sessions during a live event or in preview mode

As an event organizer, you can customize the event pre-event and during the event.

2.1. Pre-event 

Before the event starts, the organizer can enter the event via preview mode, allowing you to customize the event theme and change the setting according to your preferences.

2.2. During the event

The organizer can customize the event theme and change the setting according to your preferences during the event.

Let's read about how to change your event theme and live event settings.

2.3 Walkthrough Video

Customize Live Event Settings (Virtual Event format)

Customize Live Event Settings (Webinar Format)

3. Select the Event Ambience theme

Customize the look and feel of the event to reflect your brand. Choose the theme(light/dark) according to your preference and change the primary color to be synonymous with your brand.

Step 1: Go to the "Settings" tab.

Step 2: Click on the “Event Branding” option.

Step 3: Auto-brand your event as per your logo colors in one click.

Step 4: Select your event's ambiance from a light or dark theme.

4.1. Dark theme:
The dark theme is the default event theme available under Airmeet.

4.2. Light theme:
The light theme offers a light version of the Airmeet user interface to suit the participant’s needs and event requirements.

Disclaimer: The light theme is only applicable in web browsers, and participants joining the event from a mobile web or mobile application will see a dark theme.

4. Change CTA's & Font text colors

Step 1: Change the event’s accent color according to your preferences. Changing the accent color will be reflected on all the CTA’s across the event’s space & on the event landing page.

Choose your color from the suggested template or enter a Hex code.

Step 2: Select the CTA's font colors according to your preference, depending upon your CTA buttons.

You can also select a custom color by clicking on "Selected color" beside each section and entering the HEX code to be applied.

5. Change Background

Select patterns, gradients, or images to be applied as the background across the event to fit your brand’s visual identity.

1. None: To remove the background, click on "None." The ambiance theme would be applied in that case.

2. Color: Choose your color style from solid, radial-gradient, or linear gradient.

To customize the gradient, click on the "Selected color" button, create your own gradient, and set opacity accordingly.


3. Pattern: Choose a background pattern for your event. 

Pattern lines will be similar to CTA colors as selected in step 4.

4. Image: Select an image to be applied to your background. You can upload an image according to your preference by clicking on the "+" button.

Image Dimensions:

Image: 1440px x 720px

Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG

Size: Maximum up to 5 MB

Image Settings: To edit the image, like increase or decrease the opacity, blur level, or Zoom level, Hover over the image selected, click on 3 dots, and press "Edit."

Increase or decrease the background image's opacity, blur, and zoom level.

Step 4: Click on "Save" for changes to be reflected on the event. You can also make these changes during the event as well.

6. Change or Upload Fonts

You can select a font of your choice from the given list to match your branding preferences. Moreover, you also have the option to upload your own font.

7. Update the Element Styles

Airmeet provides you with the option to either style your top navigation labels or the event card and panels into various element styles and colors.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge.

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