How to setup "Airmeet Automated Workflow" for your event?

Modified on Tue, 16 Apr 2024 at 05:24 PM

Create workflows to get notified when certain event attendees take high-value actions.


Note: This feature is currently in Beta. Kindly reach out to your customer success manager or Airmeet Support to get the same enabled for your community.

1. Overview

Create an automated workflow to target your participants with multiple triggers and set actions sent via email or Slack notifications.

2. Create Automated Workflow


Step 1: Go to your event's dashboard, and select "Automated Workflows."

Step 2:  Click on "Add Workflows" and proceed with the creation of the workflow.

2.1. Select User segments

Step 1: Select the segment targeted for the workflow. You can choose "All Attendees" or select from any existing "saved segments". Click "Next" to select the trigger(s).

Note: You can select multiple segments as well.

2.2. Apply Trigger

Step 1: Once the user segment is selected, you need to select the activity that would trigger the workflow.

Step 2: Select the trigger that an attendee will perform at your event.

Airmeet Triggers

  1. Registered interest in a specific booth
  2. Asked a question
  3. Asked a question with keyword
  4. Answered a particular option in a specific poll
  5. Joined stage in a particular session
  6. Joined a specific booth
  7. Entered the event
  8. Joined a particular session
  9. Registered interest in a specific booth
  10. Joined a specific table
  11. Downloaded/Viewed a particular resource

Step 3: Once your Triggers are set, click on "Next"

2.3. Perform Action

Once Trigger(s) are set, you need to select an automated action to be performed via email or a Slack notification.

Step 1: Select the Action

a) Send an Email

Select the receipts as event organizers, which includes all your community team members, or enter a specific email address.

Note: You cannot edit the preview.

b) Send Slack Message

Enable Slack integration for your event from the events dashboard and select Automated workflows along with the channel name where the notification should be sent.

Once Slack integration is enabled, you can select "Send Slack message" from actions and preview the notification.

Note: You cannot edit the preview. 

Step 2: Click on the "Next" option.

2.4. Enable Workflow

Step 1: Once the Trigger(s) and action are set, you can provide a workflow name for quick reference. Provide a description of your workflow.

Step 2: Enable the Toggle towards right to enable the Workflow 

Step 3: Enable the Toggle towards right to enable multiple actions per attendee, By default, one action will be done per attendee per workflow. 

For instance, if John joins the table 'Sales Demo' multiple times, the alert will be sent only once. To get an alert each time John joins that table, enable the above option.

Step 4: Click on "Done"

3. Things to keep in mind

1. You cannot duplicate workflow on another event.

2. Workflows can be created/enabled during the event as well.

Note: older participants data will not be pushed

3. Triggers won't work for the actions done by attendees on the Airmeet Mobile application currently.

Need more help? Contact or visit our 24*7 Support Lounge. 

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