How to customize in-person event landing page?

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1. Overview

Customize your event landing page and add carousel media, CTA, and text font colors, along with multiple options to select from the background and many more items to be shown.


1. Overview

Customize your landing page in 2 different layouts and add Carousel Media, CTA & text font colors, along with multiple options to select from the background, event stats & many more items to be shown.

2. Customize the Landing page

Customize your landing page by following the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your Events dashboard > Branding > Landing Page. 

Step 2: Click on "Preview & Customize" to start editing your landing page.

2.1. Ambiance & layouts

Step 1: After clicking on the Preview & Customize button, click on "Change" in the top-right corner. 

Step 2: Select the Ambiance of your landing page (Dark or Light)

Note: The selected ambiance would be applicable on Web browsers, Tablets & Mobile browsers.

Airmeet mobile application would still be shown in a dark ambiance.

Step 3: Select the Layout of your choice (Airmeet Modern or Airmeet Classic) and save.

Customize the Landing Page

After clicking on the Preview & Customize button, you will enter an editor where you can add multiple Carousel Media, CTA & text font colors along with various options to select from the background, event stats & many more items shown.

2.2. Upload Carousel Media

Upload multiple carousel images and rearrange them according to your preference. The images will keep changing after a few seconds in a loop. 

Step 1: Go to Preview & Customize > Select "Carousel Image" and upload your image.

Step 2: Click on Upload Image and select an image from your computer. You can add more slides by clicking on the +Add Slide button.

Step 3: Drag and rearrange the slide according to viewership.

Note: There is no limit on the number of slides.

Carousel image Branding Guide

Recommended dimensions: 1440px x 810px

Supported File Formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif 

File Size: Up to 5 MB

2.3. CTA Colors & Button Text Colors

Select the colors used in buttons, links, and all the CTA across the landing page. You can also select the button font and text color according to your preference.

Step 1: Go to Preview & Customize & Select the "Colors" tab from the right-hand side editor.

Step 2: Select your CTA & Button text colors. You can also add a custom color by clicking on the "+" and selecting your preferred color or entering your desired Hex code.

2.4. Add Background

Select patterns or gradients to be applied as the background across the event to fit your brand's visual identity.

1. Gradient: Choose your color style from the Airmeet repository or create your gradients by clicking on the "Radial Gradient" button.

2. Pattern: Choose from different Airmeet patterns, and the highlighted lines of the pattern would be similar to the highlighted color as shown in Step 2.3.

2.5.  Miscellaneous Settings

2.5.1 Show non-assigned speakers

Showcase the speaker profile for all the non-assigned speakers in an event. Click on the checkbox, and unassigned speakers will be showcased under the speaker tab.


2.5.2. Enable Social Media Sharing

Enable the Social sharing button for your attendees to share the event link with other attendees.

2.5.3. Show Event Stats

Highlight the statistics of the event for a quick overview. Toggle the button towards the right to enable the event stats and select the metrics you want to showcase on the event landing page.

2.6. Add Event Organizer details

Add organizer details, which would be displayed on the landing page, and an organizer support email ID, which would be displayed at the end of the landing page.

2.7. Arrange, Hide and Rename landing page section orders

2.7.1. Arrange landing page section orders as follows:

Drag and drop sections to rearrange the order of different sections shown on the landing page.

The changes are reflected in the top header while scrolling down on the landing page.

2.7.2. Hide or Rename landing page section

To hide a section on the landing page, hover over the section and click on the "eye" icon. The section will be hidden from the landing page.

Note: If you hide the schedule section from the landing page, it can still be accessed from inside the event.

To rename a section on the landing page, hover over the section and click on the "Pencil" icon, Rename the landing page section and click on the tick mark.

Note: Hide section functionality is currently non-supported on Airmeet mobile apps

3. Preview the landing page in the Web, Tab, and mobile browser views.

Once you are done with setting up your event, click on the "Full Preview" button placed at the top right corner and view the layout in the Web browser, tablet, and mobile browser.

4. Things to keep in mind

1. The selected ambiance would apply to web browsers, tablets, and mobile browsers.

The Airmeet mobile application would still be shown in a dark ambiance.

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