How to edit and create clips for your Session Recorded Videos in Airmeet?

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1. Introduction

Now in Airmeet, you have the convenience of effortlessly editing your session recording videos. From trimming clips to incorporating text, adjusting layouts, and adding overlays, all can be seamlessly executed directly from the event dashboard, allowing you to maximize your productivity.

The feature is in Beta stage. Kindly reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get the feature enabled for your Airmeet account. 

2. Editing the Recorded Videos

To effortlessly edit your session recordings, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Access the session recordings on the event dashboard (Sessions > Session Recording)

Step 2: Find the video edit icon on the right and click on it. 

The editor will open up the video editing screen for you. 

3. Components of Video Editor

The video components that you can edit are as follows:

3.1. Trim Component:

Under the trim section, you will find many sub-components that you can edit to make your video more professional.

3.1.1. Customize Video Layout: Tailor your video layout to suit your marketing needs with options including 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9 resolutions.

3.1.2. Effortless Trimming: Easily trim your recordings by clicking and dragging over the sections you wish to edit.

3.1.3. Seamlessly Add Clips: Enhance your recordings by seamlessly adding clips. Upload them from your computer or choose from other session recordings. Uploaded clips can also be stored in the media library for future use.

3.1.4. Precision Cutting: Utilize split or cut tools to precisely edit between clips.

3.1.5. Zoom Control: Zoom in or out on the seek-bar using the "+" and "-" icons for detailed editing.

3.1.6. Undo/Redo: Correct mistakes effortlessly with the undo and redo icons.

3.1.7. Quick Navigation: Utilize the fast-forward button to easily navigate a few seconds backward or forward within your clips for efficient editing.

3.1.8. Delete Clips: Select the clip you want to delete and click on "Delete."

3.2. Style Component

In the style section, you will discover the following features:

3.2.1. Logo Upload: Enhance your event's branding by uploading your company's logo.

3.2.2. Text Insertion: Easily incorporate text into your video by typing directly into the interface. Customize font styles, sizes, colors, and backgrounds to suit your preferences.

3.2.3. Background Color Selection: Tailor the visual appeal of your video by selecting background colors. This option is particularly useful when utilizing video layouts such as 1:1, 4:3, or 9:16. Simply navigate to Style > Background > Choose Color.

4. Save a Clip

Once you are done editing, click on the "Create Clip" button.  

Give your clip a name before saving.

You can find your clips in the event dashboard under the Session tab > Clips.

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