1. What is a Pre-recorded session?

Pre-recorded sessions are those where the entire session content is pre-recorded. 

Pre-recorded sessions automatically start at the scheduled start time. There is no need for the host/co-host to manually press the Start Session button. 

These sessions can be useful in case you want greater control of the content quality. By pre-recording the entire content, you can save yourself from any last-minute hassles or glitches associated with a live session. Further, in case speakers are not available for a particular session, you may want to pre-record the content and then autoplay it.   

2. How to set up a 'Pre-Recorded' session


Step 1: Go to the events dashboard and click on the “Schedule tab.”

Step 2: Click on the “Add an activity” and select “Pre-Recorded session”




Step 3: Fill in the session details as follows:



a. Name: Enter the session name. 

b. Session date & start time: Enter the date and time of the session according to the event schedule.

c. Session videos: Upload video to play during the session. You can upload a new video or select a video already added to the video library. 


Note: Video format should be .mp4 and file size should be up to 5GB


d. Session duration: The session duration is the same as the uploaded video length.


Note: At the start time of the session selected the video will be auto-played and the duration of the session will be the same as the uploaded video length.


 e. Co-host: A cohost can assist a host during a session. A maximum of two cohosts can be added. For automated pre-recorded sessions, adding a co-host is optional. 

f. Tags: You can help the attendee find their preferred session quickly by adding tags.

g. Session description: Add more details about this item for better clarity to attendees.

h. Control who can join: By default, all people can attend this session. As an organizer, you can restrict or allow the certain participant

Read more: How to allow or blacklist participants access to your event sessions?



Step 4: Once the video is uploaded, you can preview the video by clicking on the “preview upload.”



Note: The uploaded video will get compressed at 720p resolution to optimize performance.


3. How to start an automated 'Pre-recorded session'? 

The session will be auto-played at the scheduled start time, and the duration of the session will be the same as the uploaded video length.


If the host or co-host wishes to start the session before the scheduled time, they can do so by clicking on the “Start Session” button.


The session will automatically end as soon as the video ends.


In case of any issue with the video, the host/co-host can pause the session before the scheduled time. 


4. Points to keep in mind:

  • The session duration will be the same as the uploaded video length.

  • You can upload videos only in .mp4 format. The maximum file size allowed is 5GB.

  • The uploaded video will get compressed at 720p resolution to optimize performance. You may upload the pre-compressed video to disable auto-compression.

  • Only one video can be uploaded to the session.

  • You do not need to add any host, co-host, or speaker to the session.

  • The Right-hand side tab of the session (Session chat, Q&A, Polls & activities) will remain similar to other sessions.

  • The automated pre-recorded session works on Airmeet mobile application as well.


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